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Chomzy is known for being the girl all the guys in the BBNaija Level Up house want. She seems to be causing problems on her level as well as on other levels.

Chomzy has been a bone of contention between Beauty and Groovy. She also seems to be the subject of conversation between Eroswag and Fina.

True fans will remember that before Phyna kissed Groovy, she was lining up for another guy. Fina and Eroswag had a brief, well-rounded, one-sided affair.

Eroswag and Fina would kiss at a Saturday night party, only to return with conflicting stories. Eroswag who wanted Chomzi would downgrade his attitude towards Fina, dismissing it as alcoholism. However, going back to another level, Fina will tell the story of romance.

During last night’s BBNaija reunion show, Chomzi admitted she realized she was causing a stir on another level. She also expressed understanding why Phyna was bothered by her presence and needed clarification from Eloswag.

Fina, on the other hand, seems to take a nonchalant approach to the whole love triangle. She insists it’s just a game.

“I didn’t know who that girl was, I just knew I was busy playing my beautiful game to win 100 million naira” – Phyna

She claimed that the relationship with Eloswag was simply because the audience wanted content.

Fans had mixed reactions to Fina’s indifference. One fan wrote: “This molding is not molding at all. Having said all that, it doesn’t make sense.”

Do you think Fina is just acting?

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