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Controversial Singer, Portable Begins Self-defense Training After Being Attacked (Video) » Ngnews247

Controversial singer Habeeb “Portable” Okikiola started boxing self-defense training after being physically attacked by a friend.

CorrectNG reported a few weeks ago that the Zazuu star raised the alarm after he and his sister were attacked by someone close to them.

Claiming they were beating his sister, he decides to defend her, but things escalate. Portable said he was stabbed in the neck and hand by an old friend he helped after becoming a successful entertainer.

He said their friendship dates back to when they were busy in the same neighborhood and he chose to take him off the streets, but he got his revenge with evil. In a video posted online by the singer, he shows the physical damage he suffered after being attacked by the same man for whom he bought the motorcycle.

He said that after they abused his sister, she was taken to hospital and while he was at her bedside, the so-called friend stormed into the place and physically injured him. Portable advised fans to stay away from certain people in their lives and not be moved to help an old friend the way he was, saying many people aren’t happy with a person’s success.

A video that just surfaced on the social media platform shows him learning how to box with gloves on in an open field. Residents gathered to watch the singer park a Range Rover next to him.

Watch the video below:


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