Cowboys and Chargers Fans Fight It Out in Wild Brawl Near Concessions Stand

The Cowboys and Chargers brawled on the field to start the night off, and their fans brawled on the concourse during and after.

It’s actually unclear exactly when this fight took place, but it doesn’t matter. Let’s go to the tape!

This particular fight involved as many as 12 people and featured both women and men as the combatants slipped and slid on spilled beer.

Things definitely could have escalated if the Chargers fan who grabbed the stanchion had been able to swing that thing around.

That wasn’t the only fight in the game, however. A wild fight broke out in the stands as a fan came tumbling down the row of seats.

The first fight of the night occurred between players. Specifically, Chargers RB Austin Ekeler and Cowboys LB Dante Fowler brawled on the field in a scrape that eventually involved about 20 players from both teams.

The game was as closely contested on the field as it was on the concourse. It was a tough, defensive battle most of the way. However, Dallas eventually pulled away on the strength of Dak Prescott’s combined 312 yards and one touchdown. Notably, he also did not throw an interception as the Cowboys squeaked out a 20-17 win.

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