Dark Gathering – A New Manga Coming to English Shores Tomorrow

Leading comic book publisher and distributor VIZ Media announces the English-language release of The Dark Gathering, an engrossing supernatural comic. First publication is scheduled for May 16, marking the arrival of this exciting new series for English-language fans. Further raising expectations, an animated adaptation has been confirmed for summer 2023.

The Dark Collection Volume 1 Cover Comics
Dark Gathering Volume 1 Cover

“Dark Gathering” tells the story of Keitaro Minatoga, a college freshman who has a strong aversion to ghosts. Unfortunately for him, he possesses the unique ability to attract spirits, which has led to unfortunate consequences in his past. Two years ago, a supernatural incident injured his right hand mentally, and his friend was also involved in the firefight. This harrowing experience turned Keitaro into a recluse, severely impairing his social skills.

Dark Collection Manga Vol.1 High
full height cover

However, things take a positive turn as his childhood friend Eiko Houzuki helps him reintegrate into society. Eager to support Keitarou’s recovery, she encourages him to take up part-time work as a governess. His first student turned out to be none other than Eiko’s cousin Yayoi Bao Yue. This child prodigy also possesses Keitaro’s spirituality, but unlike Keitaro, she longs to meet the elves. Her ultimate goal is to find the ghost who took her mother. Yayoi and Eiko drag Keitaro to a haunted place, and his tutoring job seems to have deviated from its original purpose.

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The forthcoming English edition of The Dark Gathering will captivate readers with its unique combination of supernatural adventure, emotional struggle and character growth. The comic promises to be an exciting addition to VIZ Media’s already impressive lineup, appealing to both fans of the supernatural genre and lovers of the comics.

The excitement doesn’t end with the manga, as an animated adaptation of “The Dark Party” will air in summer 2023.

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Official Dark Party Anime Cover
Official Dark Party Anime Cover

As we eagerly look forward to the English-language premiere of “The Dark Gathering” tomorrow and its follow-up animated adaptation next year, fans can look forward to a supernatural journey filled with mystery, friendship, and personal growth. With its compelling narrative and relatable characters, “Dark Gathering” promises to be a much-loved addition to the worlds of manga and anime.

Also…that art style looks super neat.

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