Dead Mount Death Play Episode 3 Review

That was a fun episode! This trio is definitely going to be my favorite, Polka is the cool composed but powerful guy, Misaki is the crazy wild girl and Kurupen just wants to keep up.

There are also some really funny moments, like when Polka whistles and directs his skeleton. It added a lot of humor and made the episode seem entertaining and entertaining.

picture 357
Corpse and Polka, drone form

The big discovery of the episode is that the real Polka is still alive, and the Corpse God transfers his consciousness into one of Kurupon’s drones until he finds a new corpse. It makes me wonder if we’ll see Polka in another body form, or if Corpse will take on another body and have the real Polka restore his body.

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picture 358

Misaki is now a zombie, seemingly unkillable. Polka can even level her up, which I hadn’t thought of at all. She also has new abilities like paralyzing saliva and flesh-eating regeneration. But she’s still as crazy as ever, which is why I love her.

When Polka wonders if there’s a “boogeyman” like Calamity Crusher in that world, we’re briefly introduced to a character who shows up with bandages all over his body and rescues the gang from a boulder that Polka puts in. I think such people will be our opponents in the future, but our answers are still very few. It seems like metaphysical things are a well-known thing among the powerhouses of this world, and that’s where the two guys from the first episode come in, since they’re part of the security service that probably specializes in investigating this sort of thing.

picture 359
Safety Section

Now this is my guess, but I think the corpse god world is connected to their world, and the lemmings and other psychic killers may also come from that world. Clarissa seems to understand magic, which would explain her reaction to Polka’s abilities.

I’m excited for the next episode and eager to see where the series goes. What did you think of this episode? Let us know in the comments!

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