Decided to hold a two-day roadshow for citizens: BJP

Sauce: new india express

bangalore: Counting of days for state elections has begun. Against this backdrop, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced in his state capital’s 18th parliamentary constituency on May 6-7 that, in the name of Namma his Bangalore, he will A lot of work is done within. Host a show. hem.

National Election Commission Coordinator and Union Minister Shobha Kalandraje gave information on Modi’s roadshow at a press conference on Thursday following an initial meeting of party leaders behind the roadshow.

When the roadshow goes on all day on a Saturday, people face a problem. So we apologize for the inconvenience, but we’ve decided to hold a two-day roadshow.

In one day of the roadshow, people had to face a problem. The Prime Minister’s Office has therefore directed state units to review the Prime Minister’s schedule to avoid this inconvenience.

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The NEET (National Qualification/Entrance Examination) exam will be held on Sunday and students taking the exam will be inconvenienced by the roadshow.

The BJP leader informed that the union’s Education and Skills Development Minister Dharmendra Pradhan is looking into the matter.

“For the benefit of the citizens, a two-day roadshow has been decided. Bangaloreans have expressed their concerns about the roadshow on social media. It’s election time and we don’t want to cause trouble, Modi also allegedly advised people not to cause trouble.

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