Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 11 Review

In this 50-minute finale, the demon slayers wrap up their battle with Bantengu, and the unthinkable happens to Nezuko.

the fight continues

Tanjiro is close to the limit

Tanjiro trying to slice half day dogThe head was beheaded three times in total, and the third time he got beheaded by a the last blow Niutaro In the entertainment section, it was incredible to see Tanjiro go all out to defeat Han Tengu in the final battle.Beautiful animation, great soundtrack, ridiculously high intensity – the final episode of Demon Slayer’s season is always An otherworldly sight.

Nezuko’s death?

Screenshot 2023 06 18 on 23.12.24
Nezuko standing in the sun and talking

I already have it a lot of The big upcoming events in Demon Slayer are spoiled for me, and it’s moments like this that make me wish I had been more careful. Luckily, I don’t know what’s going on here, so I assume that’s it – Nezuko‘send. A lot of people have been saying they couldn’t have killed off a main actor like that, but the way the flashbacks were compiled made me think otherwise. In my opinion, it’s impossible for them to build up all the emotions and not kill her, but I’m really glad they didn’t. This is a 10/10 scene, executed to perfection.

no mountain dream

Screenshot 2023 06 18 on 23.13.52
After 1000 years, Wushan finds the demon he was looking for

This episode is the gift that keeps on giving.In fact, one of the reasons no mountainThe merciless killing was to bring him back into the sun once again crazy, but what’s even crazier is that Wugou actually wants to come directly to let Nezuko “absorb” her now. Tanjirou has been tracking down Muku, and now Muku is coming to him. Wonderful plot development.

the battle is over

Screenshot 2023 06 18 on 23.14.56
Sankuri celebrates with Tanjiro and Nezuko

It seems that Tanjiro and Nezuko are going back to the Butterfly House to rest and reunite Shanyi and Inosuke. I look forward to seeing more of them in the next arc when the fourth season is released (click here for more info).credit volume, featuring the full version Kizuna Locusthat’s what Demon Slayer will be all about for the foreseeable future.

thoughts for the season

Screenshot 2023 06 18 at 23.25.57
Tanjiro is going back to the Butterfly House

I really can’t fault this episode. All seasons were good, but this episode blew me away. Not only is it a cinematic masterpiece as usual, but the way the scenes are executed makes it feel like one. The soundtrack for each scene is perfect and unique, and Nezuko’s plot twist is very exciting, a bit like the sun rises and a new dawn ushers in Demon Slayer: Blade. With Nezuko’s ability to talk (sort of) and be in sunlight, everything feels a little different now.

Well, you get the idea – that’s the arc of Swordsmith Village. What do you guys think of this episode/season? Let us know in the comments below! Thank you so much for joining us in the comments, and as always, please keep supporting us at LAN for the best news, reviews, recaps, and more! Take care guys.

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