Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 3 Review

300-year-old sword stolen Tanjiro Threats have attacked Sword Forging Village!

put it back!

Screenshot 2023 04 23 on 20.30.27
Tanjiro and Kotoru fight for swords Hanezuka

Hanezuka Let’s claim Tanjiro’s prize! Never trust a person who keeps screaming “Leave it to me!” Over and over again, like a broken record. But he has good intentions, I guess he wants to repair the sword and give it to Tanjirou!

Genya’s anger

Screenshot 2023 04 23 at 20.37.43
Tanjiro braids Nezuko’s hair.

Like I said when I commented on the 50 minute long first episode, Genya still has a lot of animosity towards poor Tanjiro. This guy is nice to everyone he meets (except demons of course). How could people dislike him? Now that the demons have attacked and the battle is on, I’m looking forward to a good collaboration between Tanjiro, Genya, and Tokito!

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demon attack

Screenshot 2023 04 23 on 21.14.29
One of the transformations of Han Tiangou

So the two high-level demons sent to attack Xiujian Village are roe and half day dog. Personally, I would like multiple and Chiza Going on missions just because they look cool, but it’s made clear in the first episode that these two have other things to attend to.back Scientology and NiutaroWith the (joint top 6) demise in the entertainment zone arc, it makes sense that Gyokko (top 5) and Hantengu (top 4) would be the next enemies Tanjiro and Demon Slayer face.

plot idea

This season has not been great so far in my opinion, but I also didn’t really like the first few episodes of the entertainment zone arc, and it ended very well – we’ll have to see where this arc goes now that the battle has begun ! Leave any comments below!

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