Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 7 Review

Tokito confronts his past and tries to recover his memory, while Sekido, along with three other emo demons, does the unthinkable!


Screenshot 2023 05 21 at 22.58.56
Four emotional demons merged to create this new demon

If the love demon itself is not strong enough, the current demon-slaying world has this absolute monster to deal with.Physically, he has the appearance of a young child, but just his existence alone exudes enough power to restrict Tanjiro and Genya even move.The way the tambourines circle behind him reminds me of Enel From One Piece, but unlike Enel, this demon takes advantage of them and commands his ferocious wood dragons by defeating them.

Tanjiro delivering a speech

Screenshot 2023 05 21 on 23.22.18
Tanjiro’s anger

Does anyone know when the fledgling demons start talking about morality and how you can’t kill the weak and defenseless, Tanjiro would have his teenage MC moment and give a passionate speech? He’s right though, the demon sounds like a colossal hypocrite. “The weak cannot be killed!” Continue to massacre hundreds of innocent civilians/swordsmiths. Some things just don’t add up!

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the past

Screenshot 2023 05 21 on 22.41.15
Tokito broke out

I see contemporaryof Father He tried desperately to remember. I thought it was his older brother, but it makes sense that his father passed on the knowledge to him. How could he forget? It seems to be a head injury, because his head was covered in bandages a few episodes ago when he appeared with Uyashiki.

plot idea

Normally I don’t really like CGI in anime, but the way it’s used on the wood dragon is really nice because it blends so well with the rest of the environment. I know that’s a poor explanation, but the way Ufotable designed it to blend in with its surroundings deserves credit, and I gotta say I’m a fan of it. Leave any comments on this week’s episode below!

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