Descendants of Darkness – The Unresolved Story That Will Never Be Finished

Dark Descendants/Dark Matsuei With its dark and captivating storyline, it holds a special place in the hearts of its small but devoted fanbase. Unfortunately, this fanbase dwindled as the years went on. The cult classic’s sudden hiatus has its followers yearning for a resolution. Despite its significant impact on the anime landscape, the incomplete nature of the story left a feeling of disappointment and longing.

anime dark descendants yami no matsuei
One of the anime’s official covers

a short story

“Yami no Matsuei” debuted as a manga in 1994, showcasing Matsushita’s talents in illustration and unique storytelling. As a manga with Yaoi/Shounen Ai undertones and an extremely dark story, Yoko Matsushita finds herself making headway in the industry. The compelling premise and complex characters quickly captivated readers, leading to it being adapted into an animated series back in 2000 — just six years after its debut. However, the anime ends early on episode 12 or 13, in the middle of the manga’s arc in volume 8, leaving viewers frustrated and hungry for more.

tsuzuki asato kurosaki hisoka yami no matsuei dark descendants
Asato Tsuzuki (bottom left) and Hisoka Kurosaki (bottom right) are portrayed in the final unfinished arc of the anime


“Yami no Matsuei” immerses readers in a universe where restless spirits become Grim Reapers, tasked with guiding the dead to the afterlife. In this world of supernatural intrigue, Tsuzuki Anri and Kurosaki Hisoka take center stage as Shinigami as Shinigami perform their solemn duties while battling their inner demons.

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As Shinigami, both Tsuzuki and Hisoka have magical abilities that help them in their quests. They can call upon the powers of the Reaper, summoning them to assist them in their battles and endeavors.

yami no matsuei thumbo
Asato uses the seal to summon his superpowers

In the intricate tapestry of “Yami no Matsuei,” Tsuzuki and Hisoka navigate a kingdom filled with dark secrets, treacherous rivals, and ever-death ghosts. Their personal struggles and emotional journeys intertwine to form a unique bond that drives the story forward.

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Asato Tsuzuki hides a troubled past with his lazy demeanor, while Hisoka Kurosaki, marked by tragic encounters and cursed to a slow death, embodies the complexities of Shinigami existence. Together, they embark on a journey to fulfill their duties while uncovering the secrets that lie beneath the surface of this supernatural realm.
two protagonists

Our other protagonist Hisoka Kurosaki has a haunting past.As a child, Hisoka witnessed a murder committed by the brutal Kazutaka Muraki, who after capturing him and do as he pleases, Due to the logic that “beautiful boys should die beautifully”, he was cursed for three years, slowly draining his vitality. Marked by the cursed red symbol, Hisoka sets out on a quest for answers, becoming the Grim Reaper to investigate his own death and retrieve lost memories. Hisoka’s brooding personality and empathetic nature add depth to his character as he grapples with the weight of his tragic past while fulfilling his duties as Death’s Guardian.

Dark Descendants Yano Matsui Volume 8 cover
Tsuzuki Mari and Muraki Kazutaka

Amidst shadows and turmoil, “Yami no Matsuei” explores themes of redemption, sacrifice, the existence of “absolute evil” and the blurred lines between good and evil. The series takes readers on a captivating journey where the realms of the living and the dead converge, delving into the depths of human emotion and the emotional turmoil of a past that cannot leave us alone.


In this intricate narrative, Grim Reaper’s supernatural powers, intricate character dynamics, and their focus of responsibility come together to shape a compelling story that has earned a loyal following over the years.

indefinite interruption

Adding to the disappointment with the anime’s abrupt end, the manga took an indefinite hiatus in 2001, leaving the story unfinished more than twenty years. Despite the initial reception and enthusiastic support, it seems unlikely that we’ll see the right ending to this fascinating story. The hiatus has left a void in the minds of fans who have invested time and emotion into the intricate world of “Yami no Matsuei.”

yami no matsuei volume 1
yami no matsuei volume 1

Yoko Matsushita’s Journey of Ambition

Considering that Yoko Matsushita was born in 1973, it can be seen that she started the creation of “Yachi no Matsuei” at a young age. Her talent and dedication to crafting gripping stories is palpable, drawing readers into a world where death and the supernatural are intertwined. However, the circumstances of the hiatus remain unclear, leaving fans wondering what brought such a promising series to an abrupt halt.

lingering thoughts

“Yami no Matsuei” is more than a story of supernatural encounters; it explores complex themes of life, death, and the human condition. The strange chemistry between the two main characters Tsuzuki Mari and Kurosaki Hisoka adds an extra layer of depth to the story. Unresolved teenage love means that fans are eager to find a proper resolution and ending for their favorite characters.

It’s unlikely the story will return every time at this point.

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