Diablo 4 Rogue Cold Rapid Fire Build – Suitable For Completing Tier 100 Nightmare Dungeons!

In this Diablo 4 guide, I’ll show you the rogue’s cold-shot build, which I recently used to complete a level 100 nightmare dungeon.It’s designed for high nightmare thrust and looks different from the rest Diablo 4 Rogue Guide You’re probably used to it.

build overview

Before I officially start describing this build, I want to briefly introduce the weapons, armor and jewelry required for this build.

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  • Fast Obsidian Sword (Sword)
  • condemn (dagger)
  • Warcaster Repeat (Crossbow)


  • Penance Leggings (Boots)
  • Disobedience Rune Leggings (Pants)
  • Dark Rune Skull Cap (Helm)
  • Mail of Runic Power (Chestplate)
  • frost (gloves)


  • accelerator ring (ring)
  • Ring of Expectation (Ring)
  • Necklace of Obscuration (Amulet)

cause some damages

For damage, this build is all about bursting.Cold-built rogues do high damage to frozen targets due to various multipliers D4 Items for sale Against frozen enemies, but has little effect against non-frozen or crowd control turrets.

Skills like Icy Skill, Mixed Cold Infusion and Glyph of Control, and Leggings of Penance all multiply the bonus. Icy Infusion’s rapid fire always chills enemies enough to freeze them, while Frost Gauntlets freeze enemies while Icy Infusion is on cooldown.

Elite enemies can be frozen twice before becoming unstoppable. When elites become unstoppable, it’s best to play defensively and kite until they’re frozen again.

As a ranged rogue, the key to driving High Nightmare is survival and defense. This mindset should be embedded in your gear and playstyle.

This build has defense options everywhere it can get. Helms, Chests and Legs have defensive aspects and stats. The amulet also has an aspect that greatly enhances the shadow of the Shroud of Darkness. The Leggings of Penitence and Gloves of Frost also act as defenses, slowing and freezing enemies.

playing style

For playstyle, you should try to avoid getting hit as much as possible, even if it means running slower.

Ranged rogues don’t absorb attacks when the adds become overwhelming. It’s better to kite temporarily than continue to deal damage and hope to run faster. When your Dark Shroud Shadows start to deplete, you’re dead.

skill selection

For skill choices, I’ll explain why I chose each option, as the build looks very different from the ones used to clear mid-level nightmare dungeons and upgrades.

In this build, I run two generators. Impale is the best spawner for rogues, but it only applies Vulnerability when mobs are close. I use strong arrows to apply fragility outside of this range. It can also be used to build up combo points from range, ready for cold quick shots.

It’s important for rogues to have at least one skill that allows you to break crowd control unstoppably. Most rogues use Shadow Step because it has a very short cooldown. Recently, when my nightmares get above 90, I switch to hide.

After testing these two, I noticed that I was dying more times when the shadow stepped into the mob than when I was waiting for the concealment cooldown to end. Concealment is also a good counter to siege elites, which would otherwise cause problems for ranged rogues.

I mostly use Poison Infusion for the 15% passive damage reaction ability, which I try to apply when the enemy becomes overwhelming. Taking out enemies slowly is also helpful, as cold builds are better suited for bursts rather than sustained damage.

For the Darkshroud, the skin on the helmet automatically casts the Darkshroud shadow. Therefore, it doesn’t need to be on your skill bar for it to work. Due to the direction we’re running on the talisman, these shadows have a lot of damage reaction. I put two extra skill points into the dark shroud, and I also get four skill points from the pants I use.

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For rapid fire, this can be canceled by dodging in a still shot at the start of the animation. This increases your critical damage by 30% after dodging your next Rapid Fire passive.

However, this version runs the Leggings of Repentance, which does not have the implicit evasion cooldown effect. If it’s primarily for defensive purposes when pushing High Nightmare with this build, it’s worth shunning bursts offensively if you’re sure you don’t need it for defense.

For Nightmare Dungeons, this build is best against melee enemies due to the Icy Weight passive and the slow action of Leggings of Repentance. Some sigils are nearly impossible for ranged rogues, so you’ll need to do some searching.


While it may not be able to clear every dungeon above level 90, I believe this build is one of the best options for ranged rogues if the goal is to push through advanced nightmares.

While this particular build is designed to be a heightened nightmare, it could also be great for leveling and farming with a few changes. Any elite will freeze to death from a high burst of cold infusion. And you don’t have to worry about enemies becoming overwhelming, because they’re already dead.

For farming, I’d choose Shadow Step over Concealment, Shadow Infusion over Venom Infusion, and Piercing Shot over Power Arrow. But you can run any game you like, as many builds are great for farming.

This Diablo 4 guide aims to showcase the playstyle of a cold-build rogue, wanting to push through a nightmare dungeon, and the reasons for my gear and skill choices.

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