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Dick Fosbury was an American high jumper. He is considered one of the most influential athletes in track and field history.

Dick Fosbury won the gold medal at the 1968 Olympics. He is said to have revolutionized the high jump with the “back-and-first” technique now known as the Fosbury flop.

Dick Fosbury cause of death

Dick Fosbury passed away on March 12, 2023. He died in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. He died after a relapse of lymphoma, according to his publicist, Ray Schulte.

Dick Fosbury age

Dick Fosbury was born March 6, 1947. He was born in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Dick Fosbury Height

Dick Fosbury is 1.93 meters tall.

Dick Fosbury’s parents

Dick Fosbury was born Dorothy and Vern Fosbury in Portland, Oregon, USA. There is not much information about them.

dick fosbury siblings

Dick Fosbury has a sister. His sister’s name is Susan.

dick fosbury wife

Track and field champion Dick Fosbury married Robin Fosbury. The couple has two children.

dick fosbury children

Dick and his wife have two children. His children are Caleb and Stacey Fosbury.

Dick Fosbury has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

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