Disney’s Doomed ‘The Marvels’ Earns Worst MCU Monday Ever

The Disney Grooming Syndicate’s The Marvels posted the worst first Monday box office in the doomed Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) history.

After breaking the record for the worst opening weekend in the history of the 15-year-old MCU, The Marvels earned just $2.4 million on Monday.

(L-R) Laura Karpman, Kevin Feige, President, Marvel Studios, Nia DaCosta, Rizzo the cat, Mary Livanos and Jonathan Schwartz attends THE MARVELS Reception and Special Screening at The Westin Las Vegas and AMC Town Square 18 in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 07, 2023. (David Becker/Getty Images for Disney)

For context, The Eternals (also bombed) earned just $4.2 million on its first Monday, but that’s much more than The Marvels’ $2.4 million.

Weaker titles in the MCU, such as The Incredible Hulk (2008), Ant-Man (2015), and this year’s Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantunobodycares had first Mondays of $6 million, $6.4 million, and $14.2 million respectively.

Bounding Into Comics adds this vital context:

Even films that were supposedly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic had higher Monday grosses. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings grossed $6.6 million while Eternals did $4.2 million. Even Black Widow, which released on Disney+ the same day as in theaters, grossed $6.4 million in its first Monday.

Comparing the film to other Marvel Cinematic Universe releases in November it still gets beat.

Doctor Strange pulled in $6.6 million back in 2016. Thor: Ragnarok did $8.2 million in 2017, and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever grossed $11.1 million last year.

The Associated Press

This image released by Disney shows, from left, Iman Vellani as Ms. Marvel, Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, and Teyonah Parris as Captain Monica Rambeau in a scene from “The Marvels.” (Laura Radford/Disney-Marvel Studios via AP)

There’s a good chance The Marvels will not cross the $100 million domestic mark, which seemed impossible for a Marvel movie last week.

To understand just how destructive and addictive the DEI Cult is, look at what’s happened to the MCU.

Disney and Marvel had it all… They had everything any sane movie studio in the history of Hollywood could ever want… A bulletproof franchise with a fervent fanbase so dedicated, so excited, and committed that even the MCU’s marginal movies and characters delivered jaw-dropping profits. In just a little over a decade, Disney and Marvel made $30 billion from 33 films. The formula was bottled. The goodwill of the fans was bottomless. All Disney had to do was carry on. But what did these cultists do instead..?

The Marvels is shaping up to be the Disney Grooming Syndicate’s latest in a long line of box office flops, according to Box Office Pro.

Actress Brie Larson in Disney’s “The Marvels” (Marvel Studios)

They insulted their male fans as toxic, added gay sex, emasculated and deconstructed their icons, bludgeoned us with smug, sexless, unappealing girlbosses, and spent a quarter of a billion dollars on titles such as The Marvels…  For who exactly…?

Disney alienates their loyal fans in the hope of attracting who…? Muslims sure didn’t flock to see the first Muslim superheroine (Ms. Marvel). Women sure didn’t flock to see The Marvels three girlbosses demand to see the manager. The first weekend’s box office was 65 percent male (cucks).

The good news is that there is no sign of any kind of sanity from Disney on the horizon. The cultists intend to march straight off their pier, and I’m enjoying every minute of it. 

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