Dotun, Khalid, Daniella Address Relationship Triangle (Video) » NGNews247

The episode finally came to an end. After teasing us with the highlights of their South Africa trip in the first episode, the BBNaija reunion show promises to spill the tea in the second episode.

Ebuka poses the question, which has been on the minds of many since just weeks after Khaled was evicted after Daniela made the jump from Khalid to Doton. We all wondered how the love triangle would play out once all three were forced into a space.

Ebuka asked Daniela her first question of the night. He asked her if she had seen her roommate before the Pepsi trip. She revealed that she has, and that the trip isn’t the first time she’s seen any of her roommates. She admits she keeps in touch with everyone.

When asked how she felt seeing Khaled again, she revealed it was no different. Khaled seems to have borrowed her words, “Nothing different,” to describe his experience seeing Daniela again. He revealed that their relationship seemed to exist in another life. He admits it’s not awkward for him, like spending time with other roommates.

The two seemed to be putting on a show. But Dorton spilled some tea. He admitted that he and Khalid met to discuss. He claimed it was embarrassing, but they spoke up as men and worked it out.

This revelation makes sense, as Dotun and Khalid seem to have maintained a friendly relationship throughout their Pepsi journey. However, we see almost no record of Daniela with any of her men.

We have no reason to believe there is any dispute between the three. It seems like all the water is under the bridge!

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