Drama as Ashmusy struggles to breathe over a tight outfit

Skitmaker and social media influencer Amarachi Amusi, better known as Ashmusy, was photographed struggling to breathe while wearing tight clothing.

The beautiful internet celebrity was captured in the viral social media clip of trying to get into a car in an uncomfortable manner.

Ashmusy was uncomfortable wearing tight clothing, which was made from a corset and made her sit uncomfortable.

Ashmusy reveals why she’s staying virgin

Recall that Ashmusy reveals why she kept her virginity despite temptation. She revealed she was delighted to have fulfilled a long-held promise to remain a virgin until marriage.

Ashmusy sends her future husband a hopeful message and hopes he will keep his word.

She wrote: “I promised myself to be a virgin until I got married. I’m glad I kept my word, dear future husband, I hope it was worth the wait.

Ashmusy’s statement sparked controversy online as some thought she was joking.

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