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Chichi filed charges against her roommate, Deji. During the reunion episode, Kiki accused Deji of sleeping with older women for money, adding that she had evidence to defend herself against the charges against him.

Qiqi also revealed that in addition to sleeping with old women for money, Deji has done many bad things that she no longer cares about.

While talking, Deji decided to interrupt Qiqi’s conversation, and Qiqi warned him not to interrupt, otherwise he would be exposed.

In this regard, Deji told Qiqi that if she wanted to expose him, she could do so, but she would lose face.

DeJi also told Chichi that the “Big Brother naija” platform was like a poverty alleviation project for her, adding that before entering the show, she relied on stripping as a means of survival.

Deji said;

“You have to know that if you want to expose me, you will be the one who will be humiliated.”

“This platform is a poverty alleviation program for you.”

watch the video below

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