Drama as fans and Netizens speculate on DJ Cuppy’s pregnancy

Nigerian disc jockey Florence Otedeloa, better known as DJ Cuppy, has spoken to fiancé Ryan Taylor about her pregnancy.

That’s after she shared a video online that captured her dancing with her protruding belly amid speculation that she was pregnant.

When DJ Cuppy responded to fans questioning whether she was pregnant, she claimed that she only had a belly and was not pregnant.

The video sparked a backlash from many who praised Cuppy for not having the surgery despite her father’s wealth.

One Wendy wrote: Sometimes we forget what a normal or regular body should look like.

One nurse wrote: Cuppy spent all her money and never made her body sexy.i respect her

One Taiwo wrote: Better and more attractive than someone with a “finished” body. The truth is pain and if you don’t like it makes you start crying.

One Tobiloba wrote: This is her honesty with me. Na Belly she got it, she doesn’t like people. Although, Dudu&FunFun don’t think getting aburo.

DJ Cuppy unveils her bucket list

Ngnews247 recalls DJ Cuppy revealing her top wish list as she geared up for her 30th birthday.

The daughter of billionaire Otedora has revealed she will dedicate the next chapter of her life to her family.

She will prioritize family and try to be a better sister and daughter.

Sharing a photo of her with her brother Fewa Otedola and their mother Nana Otedola, she wrote: “This year, I will intentionally be a better sister and a better daughter. Work is work and family is life. This year I will It’s 30, and maturity comes when you stop making excuses and start making changes.

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