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E No Get Fans Again? – BBTitans’ Yemi Cregx Arrives Lagos Airport Without Fanfare, Stir Reactions (Video) » Ngnews247

Former Nigerian roommate of the Big Brother Titans, Yemi Cregx, arrived in Nigeria from South Africa.

He was spotted arriving at Lagos International Airport within a week, and his arrival sparked reactions.

The maiden edition of BBTitans is currently taking place in South Africa.

Yemi Cregx and his South African partner Nelisa were deported on Sunday, the same night Nigeria’s Olivia and South Africa’s Juicy Jay were hit with the deportation hammer.

The model landed at the airport with Olivia, but there was no crowd to welcome him, as is the tradition with most former roommates who are popular on the show.

In a video posted online, Yemi and Olivia were walking side by side when a male and female fan yelled at them and hugged them.

People wondered what happened to his fans, why they couldn’t throw him a big welcome party.

Watch the video below:


deejahhh_89; he has no fans, only khosis haters

nanaaamanyarkomatriella; Awwwn ❤️ Yemi

Pablo Conqueror; why no one says hello… I would say I have fans.

fedora_feddy; 😂😂 nobody sent them.. everyone cares about business there

My name is special; your king is not my king

Queens beauties; why is it quiet here and no fans?

tessyrime_; if only they would convert this energy into votes for YEMI…we wish you well will do well ❤️❤️

ossumwenomoigui; Yemi should fix this

Bigger baby; I wonder why fans keep blaming roommates for their favorite expulsions or disqualifications

Cosisso Chincombe; Yami is out and he has nothing to lose? Did the gift put the food on Yemi’s table? Khosi’s fan base is getting rid of yemi by calling him bodyguard and other types of names, so they’re just returning the favor. Imagine calling Yemi a liar in a space where his fans should be asking him questions about his plans and what he intends to do. Khosi fans started this.

jaypee_; One thing I hate about being a celebrity is people think they have the right to hug you God forbid I hate hugging bruhhh na carrying bodyguards to follow the body.

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