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Ebubu Has Oil On His Head And It Is Really Working For Him – Nana Tells Miracle » Ngnews247

In Nana’s talk with Marvel after Sunday’s Live Deportation show, Ipeleng used her veto to choose Ebubu to join her in the Titians Big Brother finale to admit that the oil in Ebubu’s head really worked for him.

During their conversation, Miracle tells Nana that Ipeleng made the right choice in choosing Ebubu to join her in the finals.

To this, Nana replies with wonder, she doesn’t know what type of oil is on Ebubu’s head, but it does work for him.

Watch their conversation below:

Miracles: A Smart Choice for Ipeleng

Nana: I don’t know about the oil on his head, but it really works for him.

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