Elon Musk Turned X Into a ‘Cesspool of Hate Speech’

Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that  X CEO Elon Musk had turned the platform into a “cesspool of hate speech and extremist incitement.”

Anchor Kristen Welker said, “I want to get your reaction to Elon Musk endorsing an anti-Semitic post on this platform. The Musk post was condemned by the White House, as you know, large companies like Apple and Comcast, the parent company of NBC news have pulled advertising from the platform. What was your reaction and what is your concern when you see a post like that?”

Blumenthal said, “My reaction be on post Elon Musk’s post was absolute abhorrent. His saying that this blatantly anti-semitic comment was, ‘the actual true’ is sickening and killing.”

He added, “Elon Musk is turned X formally known as Twitter into a cesspool of hate speech and extremist incitement. I encourage in fact I urge advertisers like IBM, which has done so to withdraw from X and to send a message to Elon Musk that hate has no place on this powerful megaphone . As you know, the surge of anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim white supremacist, anti-black sentiment on social media has been an incubator in fact an accelerant to more than just speech action that constitutes hate crimes.”

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