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English-speaking comedy takes on the French stand-up scene


This week, we’re spotlighting those brave enough to take to the stage and hopefully roll our way down the aisle. French comedy clubs are often packed with one-man acts, as well as a cast of English-speaking stand-up performers eager to make the French snicker. We went to meet both of them.

Anna Beth Crist is an American living in Paris. By day, she works as a virologist. But at night, she drops the tube to test her latest prank. We headed to one of her frequent venues, the Goku Comedy Club, to meet her.

Our second guest is a guy who has gone from small comedy clubs to big theater light shows. Paul Taylor probably has one of the most British names around. Yet his affectionate sarcasm about France and its people was a big deal in France. His latest show is titled “Bisoubye X”. We popped into his recording studio and chatted with him.

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