Ensuring the Safety and Quality of Cord Blood Banking in Dubai


After a child is born, we only have one chance to deal with our reactive nature as parents.Preserving stem cells from umbilical cord blood is also a way Ways and investments to save lives in dubai. But how will you store your newborn’s cord blood?

Well, you can leave it to the responsible and advanced cord blood banks in Dubai. They ensure flexibility and quality service with a responsive approach to preserving your baby’s cord blood.

how? Well, that’s not your headache either. They’ll collect the cord blood from the baby’s and mother’s placenta and umbilical cord, handling everything safely.

However, it is your responsibility as a parent to consider the facts and aspects related to cord blood banking. Doing it is only possible if you know the right thing to do. Here, we’ll give you some information on the quality and safety approaches cord blood banks can easily take to ensure the future of your baby (or you could say your entire family).

How cord blood banks ensure safety and quality service

Cord blood banking is not new to the market, but advanced technology Many people do not know. In fact, most people don’t know that cord blood can treat nearly 80 serious human diseases. It’s not a good fact that this kind of unconsciousness leads to distrust of these service providers.

Cord blood banks are efficient enough to store cord blood for approximately 15 years or more. So if you view it as an investment opportunity, your family will get 15 years of life insurance.

safe transportation

The cord blood bank provides 7*24 hours transfer service.

How safe are they?

Well, they only use local traffic, and local drivers know the busy roads better than anyone else. So no matter where you are in Dubai, they will contact you immediately to collect your cord blood.

On top of that, they’ll transport your baby’s cord blood from the hospital to the lab as safely as a diamond.

Cell Viability Guarantee

The vitality of stem cells is essential for work. It just depends on timing.Cord blood banks consider it to take up to 48 hours to reach the lab and store the cord blood, thus preserving the cells Guaranteed to work And the quality is guaranteed.

best travel conditions

This part is also related to the viability of the cells. Exposure to unusually high or low temperatures may cause cord blood to lose viability.

Therefore, cord blood banks are employing best practices to ensure quality of shipment. They generally use premium reserves to ensure a safe journey of cord blood.

no hidden fees

when you consider a feasible solution Serve, you don’t want to be robbed. People don’t know much about the process, and they’re very concerned about hidden fees in addition to stored procedures.

Well, don’t worry! If you choose the right and trustworthy cord blood bank, they will not charge you any extra fees.

better stock

Although we know that the only headache for cord blood banks is to save babies, there are obvious differences in the intentions of various cord blood banks.There are two types of cord blood banks Available and under development in Dubai.

  • Private cord blood bank.
  • Public cord blood banks.

The number of public cord blood banks is small, and their intentions vary. Their main motto is to keep cord blood safe for future life-saving purposes, but that doesn’t necessarily affect your child or family members.

It conserves cord blood to save lives in emergencies. So their motto may be moral, but it may not match your concerns. This is where private cord blood banking comes in as an investment in your health.

They guarantee that you will only store the cord blood for your family until you need it, and in turn, you will pay them.All of these cord blood banks ensure safety and Adequate inventory, larger capacity, advanced storage process.

bedside pick up

When your wife gives birth, of course there is no condition to go to a blood bank to store cord blood. In turn, they will come to you to collect the cord blood.

These providers ensure bedside access so your family doesn’t have to face any difficulties.

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