European round-up: Bayern Munich extend their lead, Milan and Inter both win

Bayern Munich Forces you to work hard for over an hour just to fight past masters Werder Bremen A provisional 2-1 victory with four points keeps the Bundesliga at the top with three games remaining.

Second-half goals from Gnabry and Sane gave Bayern their second win in four games and 65 points. Borussia Dortmund have four more games to play against Wolfsburg on Sunday.

Bayern, who are left in contention for the Bundesliga after being knocked out of the DFB-Pokal and the Champions League in recent weeks, trailed Werder from the start but were in front of goal despite possession.lack of finishing touch

Werder Bremen have gradually found their feet with Bundesliga top scorer Niklas Herkluge uninjured but struggled to convert chances. Bayern, chasing their 11th consecutive title, completed a perfect quick pass in the 56th minute, but Sadio Mane deflected away from Gnabry’s entry point.

Six minutes later, Senegal crossed the penalty area and Gnabry opened the scoring. The goal quickly eased the burden on Bayern’s shoulders as substitute Sane cut into the box from the right to score the second. Werder’s Niklas Schmidt closed the gap in the 87th minute as Young overtook his Sommer and fired into the corner.

milan Lock up the much-anticipated 2-0 home win lazio However, Raphael Leon suffered an injury scare when he came on early in Serie A four days before the Champions League semi-final first leg against Inter Milan, who then beat Roma to a draw to move back into fourth, two points off the table. Neighbor.

Leon suffered an apparent thigh injury in the opening 11 minutes, but Milan coach Pioli played down the injury. “I just saw him. He is calm and feels good,” Pioli said. “Honestly, based on what he told me, I don’t think it’s particularly serious.”

A lob from Theo Hernández extended Milan’s lead. Photo: Luca Bruno/AP

His side shrugged off Leon’s defeat, with Olivier Giroud immediately taking advantage of Lazio’s defensive error to set up midfielder Ismail Bennasser and dribble past Ivan Probede in Lazio’s goal. bundled.

The San Siro crowd had been delighted by Theo Hernández’s strike from long range at Proveder to double Milan’s lead half an hour earlier. The France international charged across the pitch to end an impressive single that had begun from outside Milan’s penalty area.

A disciplined Milan side continued to dominate the game after half-time, with half-time substitute Malik Thio threatening to make it 3-0 with a corner, but his header barely went over the bar. over.

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Midfield Fielder’s Fedrico Deimaruko and Stellaikar’s Romilulukagaru wo Decision, International ~で2对0のvictoryを收めた RomaThe conference has won 5 consecutive championships.

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    Inter defender Denzel Dumfries squared the ball inside Roma’s six-yard box and DiMarco fired from a tight angle in the right place half an hour later. In the 74th minute, Rome’s defense made a mistake and passed the ball to the visiting team. Lukaku shot a low shot from the edge of the penalty area to seal the victory.

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