Exclusive: France’s Macron calls for international taxation in push for climate solidarity


In an exclusive interview with FRANCE 24, RFI and franceinfo, French President Emmanuel Macron outlines his vision for tackling the twin problems of climate change and ending extreme poverty. Macron answered questions from Stéphane Ballong (FRANCE 24), Mounia Daoudi (RFI) and Marc Fauvelle (franceinfo), speaking at the New Global Financing Agreement summit hosted in Paris.

During a live appearance at FRANCE 24, French President Emmanuel Macron stressed the need for global cooperation and “mobilization” to implement international taxation in support of climate action and poverty alleviation.

Macron urged assistance in identifying countries that currently lack financial transaction taxes (FTT) and air ticket taxes. Additionally, he called on the International Maritime Organization in July to support international tax efforts, emphasizing the ineffectiveness of unilateral taxation.

China’s debt ‘over a certain threshold’ could be a trap

Macron also stressed the importance of cooperating with China on international debt restructuring, as Beijing has become a major international creditor in recent years, especially in Africa.

The French leader acknowledged that Chinese debt could become a trap “if it exceeds a certain threshold”. He stressed the importance of having programs in line with the OECD’s practice for financial aid and lending.

Discussing the challenges of the green transition, Macron emphasized not only saving the planet, but also coordinating efforts to eradicate poverty. He emphasized the need for greater mobilization of private funds.

Regarding Senegal, the French President expressed his willingness to facilitate the development of natural gas projects in Senegal and promote the development of renewable energy in Senegal.

“Russia must stop war and respect international law”

Finally, when asked about Russia and its absence from the Paris summit, Macron called on Moscow to end the war in Ukraine and respect international law. He stressed that resuming dialogue with Russia would depend on the latter.

Asked whether he would take a hypothetical call from Russian President Vladimir Putin tomorrow, Macron replied: “Of course I will. I have no reason to call him at the moment.”

He also accused Russia of “destabilizing influence in Africa” ​​and cited atrocities committed by Wagner Group mercenaries in the Central African Republic.

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