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a tragic event worldwide takes place in the French capital. Authorities’ initial hypothesis suggested the explosion was caused by a gas leak. But did you know that the exact cause of the explosion is still unknown?

To determine the cause, authorities are investigating whether the building met safety codes (or) whether the explosion was due to worker negligence!Let’s check all the facts about this event bang paris review.

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About the location:

The explosion occurred on the afternoon of Monday, June 21, 2023, at approximately 14:55 GMT, at the American Academy of Paris, 277 rue Saint-Jacques, central Paris. The street is famous because the town’s residents are long-term residents of prominent literary professionals, including writers, musicians, and writers.

The street runs through Notre Dame Cathedral, the Sorbonne University and the Val-de-Grace military hospital in the fifth arrondissement. It is also known as the Latin Quarter on the left bank of the Seine. It is popular among foreign students thanks to the presence of fashion and design school Académie Americane de Paris.

related Paris bombing in 2023:

The explosion was so loud that it could be heard more than 500 meters away from the scene. The sound and sound of the explosion was so intense that it shattered the doors of several buildings and cracked the mirrors of the windows. The building where the explosion occurred has collapsed, and the adjustment building was shaken and suffered structural damage.

Casualties and rescue situation:

About 250 to 300 firefighters with the help of more than 70 fire trucks brought the blaze under control.Ambulance teams arrived and even two hours after the incident they were treating those suffering from injuries and trauma; as determined bang paris review. A total of 37 people were reported injured, four of them seriously and taken to nearby Val-de-Grace military hospital. The two reported to the group separately.

Search for survivors:

The explosion caused a lot of rubble and parts of buildings to collapse on the ground. Therefore, people are expected to be alive under the rubble. Two quest men may also be under the ruins. With the help of sniffer dogs, search teams are looking for survivors.Authorities expect they may find some people during the search operation as the rubble is cleared during the night of June 21, 2023; bang paris review.


June 21, 2023 is a typical day when employees are preparing to go home after normal work hours. Authorities determined and were reported by the deputy mayor that the smell of gas was noticed just before the explosion. Therefore, it is expected that the cause of the outbreak may be a gas leak. However, the exact cause of the explosion will be revealed within a few weeks after the inspection is completed as more investigations are needed to determine the root cause.

First responders are still scrambling to evacuate people and treat people who are still in shock; bang paris review. This street is also very popular with tourists. In this catastrophe, the city government of Paris was charged with manslaughter. Therefore, the investigation continues to determine the cause. The alarm was not set to warn of a gas leak, authorities added.


Residents around the area were traumatized, a woman passed out and people came out of their apartments, buildings and homes to witness what happened.Commercial establishments and shops occupy the ground floors of most of the buildings near the site; as seen on the map and bang paris review.

A resident who lives near the building reported hearing a loud bang and ran downstairs to check on her husband, who was covered in dust and debris on the checkout counter of a butcher shop.

A resident who lives 500 meters away believed there was a violent explosion.As she walked out of the house, she saw a ball of fire emanating from the building, flames rising two stories high, about 30+ feet; analyzed a horrible feeling bang paris review. From this, we can learn that the flames were powerful enough to burn everything in the building, and that some form of lubricant created the massive flames. Smoke from the building could be seen from miles away.

Another resident reported hearing loud noises that shattered glass windows and shook the building. As a result, while no other buildings collapsed, buildings near the site suffered structural damage. A resident reported that firefighters arrived within minutes of the incident.

A neighbor knocked on her door to tell her that firefighters had advised all nearby residents to evacuate the building as soon as possible; a dire situation was established bang paris review. The result was havoc, with people running around in shock, not knowing what they needed to do.

The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, visited the scene and expressed sympathy for the victims and their families. The American Academy of Paris informed that all their students are safe. Greek-French filmmaker Costa-Gavras said his house shook and his first thought was a severe storm. Some residents initially thought the building was shaking from the quake.

Location details:

  • DMS coordinates: 48° 50′ 29″ north latitude, 2° 20′ 28″ east longitude
  • Decimal: 48.841389, 2.341111
  • Geo URIs: 48.841389, 2.341111
  • UTM: 31U 451655 5410033

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in conclusion:

As of this writing, there have been no updated reports of the search for the missing (or) injured. Despite attempts by emergency response teams and rescuers to clear the debris, no one was rescued. Sniffer Dog Squad’s findings have not been updated. The number of Twitter posts related to the incident reached 7,900. Please remember the victims in your prayers.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2003 at 8:00 am GMT.

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