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Longhorn Steakhouse is a well-known restaurant chain operated by Darden Restaurants since 2007. Longhorn Steakhouse is a wholly owned subsidiary serving the United States U.S.Puerto Rico and Guam, with more than 559 restaurants.

Rick Cardenas is the CEO of Longhorn Steakhouse, and he’s taken the entity to new heights as it hit $1.6 billion in revenue.However, did you know that the ads circulating on Facebook are Steakhouse Longhorn Scam?

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About the Longhorn Steakhouse ad:

An ad circulating on the @Longhorn-Steak-Houses-Fans-116675758022058 page included a message from Longhorn Steakhouse President Todd Borrows Gorham.

The news is that Todd is pleased to announce the new CEO of Longhorn Steakhouse, and he is happy to provide a free meal for two at any Longhorn Steakhouse location.

To take advantage of the offer, the ad/message must be forwarded within 72 hours of receipt. Ads/messages need to be forwarded to at least 30 people. The post was shared more than 50,000 times.

Steakhouse Longhorn review Rated 4/5 stars by over 10,000 customers and employees.

The truth about advertising:

This message is a hoax as it was not posted on Longhorn Steakhouse’s official Facebook page. Meanwhile, Longhorn Steakhouse has a separate web page where users can register their email and contact information to receive details of Longhorn Steakhouse’s upcoming and ongoing offers (links to the official offers page are provided in the next section).

Why is the ad fake?

Messages on fan pages are now called Steakhouse Longhorn Scam advertise. The owner of the fan page is anonymous. Additionally, there was no mechanism to track who retweeted the ad, how many times the ad was retweeted, to whom the ad was sent, and how to record the credentials, user ID, and name of the Facebook user who retweeted the message.

By now, you probably understand that the ad is fake and has no repost value. There is no mention on the Facebook fan page of a model where users will receive/claim some sort of coupon or free meal reward.

The plot of the Steakhouse Longhorn Scam:

Longhorn Steakhouse has not participated in the creation of viral information. Whether it is the president of Longhorn Steakhouse, Todd has not replaced the CEO of Longhorn Steakhouse, nor has he initiated any proposals for free meals for two.

On the 18th, a similar ad went viral on another Facebook fan pageday/ March 2023. At the time, the viral message caused an uproar among Longhorn Steakhouse patrons. This is no publicity stunt, as Longhorn Steakhouse is already a popular and prestigious restaurant. instead, Steakhouse Longhorn Scam was a conspiracy to defame Longhorn Steakhouse because once customers knew the ad was a hoax, their high expectations would be dashed. Hence the distaste for Longhorn Steakhouse.

About Longhorn Steakhouse:

Longhorn Steakhouse is known for its signature seasonings serving delicious dishes including Sirloin Steak, Flo Filet Mignon, Filet Mignon, French Fries, Ribeye Steak, Porterhouse Steak, Chopped Steak, Chicken, Ribs, Salmon, Shrimp , Lobster, Salads, Texas Gnocchi, Wild West Shrimp, Soups, Burgers, Sandwiches and a full bar facility serving signature margaritas, wine and beer!

Hence the viral ad under the banner of “free meal for two” Steakhouse Longhorn Scam Be irresistible and alluring!

Longhorn Steakhouse’s chain restaurants are beautiful because they’re built with a Western or Texas theme. All locations display Western or Texas memorabilia, including pictures, and are adorned with paint that supports the overall look.

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in conclusion:

Longhorn Steakhouse’s Fans page uses the official Longhorn Steakhouse logo. However, after the ad went viral, the logo was changed to indicate the Longhorn Steakhouse location. Also, the ad/post has been removed from this fan’s page. It is recommended to visit the official Longhorn Steakhouse website for authentic offers, promotions, rewards and discounts. Click here to learn more about Longhorn Steakhouse Official Discounts and Offers.

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Steakhouse Longhorn Scam – FAQ

1Q. How did the CEO and president of Longhorn Steakhouse react?

The ad was fake; knowing this, the CEO and president of Longhorn Steakhouse offered no clarification or response to the viral message.

2Q. What can users do about fake and viral ads?

Facebook users can report ads as spam.

3Q. When was the @Longhorn-Steak-Houses-Fans-116675758022058 page created?

As recently as March 1, 2023! It has 7,379 followers.

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