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Did you know about the Kuaron Harvey case? Who is Paris Harvey? What did girl Paris do? When did this event happen? Who is Cuaron Harvey?are you curious Kuaron Harvey Video Twitter Assassination? people all worldwide Not ready to learn the details of the unfortunate Kuaron and Paris Harvey case. Let’s take a look at this case.

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Details of the Kuaron Harvey case

The case of Paris and Kuaron Harvey occurred on March 25, 2022, and this case became popular again after more than a year; people are still not over this terrible case. In addition, footage of the case has been re-uploaded on Twitter. The incident involved two underage children named Paris and Cullen. When 12-year-old Paris went to her 14-year-old cousin Coulon’s birthday, she was given a pistol. The sad story begins here.

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In-depth details of the video Going viral on Reddit Cuaron Harvey

When little Paris got hold of a semi-automatic pistol or gun (loaded), she tried to hold the pistol, with some effort, but managed to hold it in one arm. Both Kuaron and Paris went live on social media. Then, during the live broadcast, Paris pointed the gun at her cousin’s right ear and accidentally fired because the gun was unlocked.

Loud shots echoed all around; Paris was shocked to see Cullon lying on the ground, lifeless and covered in blood. She trembled with fear of killing Cullon.It’s all documented in instagram Live video.

What happened to Paris?

Paris likely committed suicide because she was horrified by the assassination of her cousin, according to accounts and police reports. The case is one of the most gruesome and depressing in history. It was Coulon’s birthday, and Paris went to her cousin’s house to celebrate.

The incident happened around 2:00 a.m. on Friday; many claim that Paris also accidentally shot himself. Paris’ mother told sources she stayed at her cousin’s house after a birthday party.Every source confirms the case was an accident and a suicide because the kids were taping Tik Tok Videos and playing with guns, but things got out of hand.

extra details

The children’s grandmother told police that there was no violent altercation and that the two children’s families remained a family. Instead of blaming each other, they will now support each other. She also clarified that the gun was fired by mistake and not on purpose.

There are discussions online about why Paris committed suicide. However, the police are investigating the matter and there is no conclusion yet.The event video is also on the hot search youtube.

in conclusion

This article discusses the heartbreaking case of a 12-year-old girl who accidentally shot herself after her cousin’s birthday party. The young child picked up the pistol and loaded it. While playing, she accidentally shot the gun, which killed the two children. All these incidents were recorded on live video. more details, click here to read.

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Q1. Who is Paris Harvey?

A1. Paris is a 12-year-old girl; she went to her cousin’s house to celebrate his birthday.

Q2. Who is Cuaron Harvey?

A2. Kuaron Harvey is a 14 year old boy who celebrated his birthday on Friday 25th March 2022.

Q3. What happened on the night of March 25, 2023?

A3. Paris and Cullon were playing with guns. Paris accidentally shot and both died.

Q4. Are there any recordings of the Paris and Kuaron Harvey case?

A4. Yes, the entire event was captured live on Instagram.

Q5. Is there a video about the Kuaron and Paris Harvey case on Telegram?

A5. There are videos on social media, but due to the highly sensitive content, some platforms may have deleted Paris Harvey’s mistaken video.

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