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The domain name investment business has attracted attention from the business community, especially as the cryptocurrency industry faces a downturn in 2022, and stock market investments and other investment returns become somewhat volatile due to the situation in Ukraine.

inside U.S., Hundreds of companies offer services to improve domain score and online sales. But did you know how many domains out there are targeting scamming their customers?So, let’s check Testingamazon.com Scam the following.

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About Testingamazon.com:

Testingamazon.com is registered under the category Business Products – Gift Cards for Well-Known Brands. However, Testingamazon has not yet started operations. Some people doubt that Testingamazon will provide Amazon products for testing. So the fact that some fake images have been circulating on the internet, including the Amazon.com logo and Amazon product testers, is kind of a guess.

Its IP was determined to be associated with three other domains, including 1pct.io, 21lawsofselflove.com, and 30secondtruths.com. All three domains are handled by Leadpages®, a service provider that helps upcoming startups and startups launch their websites to boost sales. Leadpages provides friendly tools to test amazon.con Helps build smart SEO-friendly websites with no-code, drag-and-drop, mobile-responsive templates, integration with Google services like Maps.

21lawsofselflove.com and 30secondtruths.com are inactive. Meanwhile, 1pct.io provides users with a dot puzzle to find rewards for themselves. You probably know that popular sites like CouponBirds.com offer over 87% off Amazon coupon codes. Likewise, there are several sites where you can claim free Amazon gift cards.

So expect that Testingamazon.com may offer gift cards in exchange for certain types of purchases (or) deals as Leadpages, ultimately aimed at boosting sales!

let’s check Test the legitimacy of amazon.com farther. Testingamazon.com is currently behaving like a domain park without any particular e-store or business to settle its ownership. However, 21lawsofselflove.com and 30secondtruths.com, handled by Leadpages, populate the error message “404 Not Found”.

So it is uncertain whether Testingamazon.com will provide products and services (or) shut down, since it is registered for only one year and 7 months have passed!

Why is Testingamazon.com a scam?

Because Testingamazon.com does not specify its mission statement, and its URL contains the terms “testing” and “Amazon,” people suspect that the news Testingamazon.com Scam it is true!

It must be noted that Testingamazon does not yet offer products and services, which will appear soon. Testingamazon.com has not performed any activity that could be flagged as a scam to date.

In the past, hundreds of websites claimed to offer Amazon products to customers for testing and feedback. Such sites harvest personal, contact and payment details from users and misuse them. Also, such sites redirect users to third-party fake e-stores for investigation (or) to complete small tasks. In some cases, customers were lured into buying products under the guise of testing them.

registration confirmed Testingamazon.com Scam:

Testingamazon.com was registered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on September 16, 2022. The last update was on the same day. It is 7 months and 11 days old.However, it has a short life expectancy as the registration on Testingamazon will expire in 4 months and 22 days on September 16, 2023

Legality of Testingamazon.com:

Leadpages nailed it Testingamazon.com, which has a 62%↑ trust rating and a 62.3%↑ business ranking without offering any products (or) services! However, Testingamazon scored zero Alexa Rank, zero Domain Authority, 6% Suspicious, 11% Malware, 1% Spam, and 18% Threat & Phishing scores.

feature determination Testingamazon.com Scam:

Testingamazon does not include contact information, terms, privacy policy,/or owner information. Contact Privacy Inc.’s customer number 7151571251 is the only information available to its owner.

Testing Amazon is not blacklisted and is using the HTTPS protocol. However, its IP does not have a valid SSL certificate.

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in conclusion:

Due to business and trust score, Testingamazon.com does not appear to be a scam. There are no customer ratings for Testingamazon.com on social media (or) customer review sites. It appears to be a scam with 29 website reviews and 4 YouTube reviews for Testingamazon.com. However, all 33 Testingamazon.com Reviews Presumably Testingamazon.com will offer Amazon products for testing (not yet confirmed by Testingamazon.com).

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Testingamazon.com Scam – FAQ

1Q. How many servers does the test amazon use?

Test amazon using four servers to locate ns-cloud-e4.googledomains.com(IP, ns-cloud-e1.googledomains.com(IP, ns-cloud-e3.googledomains.com(IP and ns-cloud-e2.googledomains.com (IP

2Q. Who is Testingamazon’s registrar and ISP?

Google LLC, USA.

4Q. What is the speed of Testingamazon?

With a load time of 755ms and an A performance rating of 96%, it is considered fast.

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