Exploring the Best Platforms to Find Remote Jobs in India

Recently, demand for remote work from India has started to increase. The reason for this is many factors. You can to work in abroad while living in India. In addition, convenience, ease of use, no need to spend time on the road, and a strong increase in popularity due to the pandemic.

To save you time during the search, we have prepared the best online platforms that will help you discover work from home. You will learn about the filters on the site and the features of each service.


LAYBOARD.in is a site for finding work abroad. It has a wide geographical reach, and you can find work in diverse countries. You can independently name the profession you want to do. To narrow your search, you can select a job category.

In general, the structure of LAYBOARD.in allows you to understand everything quickly. You can customize your profile and add a biography. It is important to have well-described information about your professional skills will make you additional competitive.


FlexJobs is a distant employment search website. There are no ads here. Every job is verified so you can be sure of its reliability. At the moment, the site contains 21,990 vacancies from 5,212 companies.

A wide selection will not make you confused, because you can customize the inquiry yourself. You can explore by key words, job category, schedule, and more. You can enter your location and see results in India.

Working Nomads

Working Nomads will support you quickly find distant work anywhere. You can choose the location, category, and type of position.

It is worth noting separately how vacancies are displayed. You immediately see the job title, category, place, salary, schedule, and basic requirements. Working Nomads allows you not to spend a lot of time opening each vacancy.

We Work Remotely

4.5 million visitors trust this site. Most of the works on We Work Remotely are for varieties, including technical professions, commerce, and IT, but you will find others as well. You will find work from home by keywords. There are 100 companies on the site that hire staff. Thanks to this, you will learn about reliable employers who are experts in their field. The daily digest will not let you miss a vacancy for your search query.


This site for finding a job without leaving home gives many opportunities. By keyword, company name, or category, you can quickly filter out vacancies that are not suitable for you. You can also enter other filters, such as full-time or part-time.


Especially convenient is that you can ask questions on the site and get answers from leading remote companies. In addition, you can view the most popular questions and find something useful for yourself. There is an opportunity to ask questions not only to companies but also to distant workers. A separate section has been created for this.


With this site, you can easily discover a job in India abroad without even leaving your home. Enter the words you need to explore or by choosing a category, or place, and you will quickly find what you want.

The recommended remote vacancies will help you find your way around the site right away. You can view the latest job offers.


LinkedIn is a popular site (more than 750 million users as of 2023) where you can search for a job. The site offers a wide selection from more than 150 classifications and 200 countries. You can choose remote work and other parameters. Every day people find the desired job here.

Remote OK

It is a good site with numerous filters that will help you quickly discover a job abroad. You can search by keyword, company place, salary, or benefits. Benefits can vary, such as insurance (dental, medical, etc.), paid/unlimited vacation, a 4-day work week, and more. It is very convenient because in this way you will learn in more detail about the working conditions and the possibilities you receive. You can choose how job offers are sorted. Sorting can be by the most recent vacancies or those that provide the most benefits or the highest salary and others.


It is the place where you can discover your dream job at verified organizations. On Remotive, you will observe a list of the 100 best corporations and a lot of job opportunities. There are different search methods, including by talents and location, or by firm and others.

This service cares about its customers, so you can find answers to questions about remote work and advice on how to find it.


This service will not waste your time. You can immediately go to the case and start searching. By choosing remote work and setting up other filters on Indeed, you will receive a large number of offers in a second. Post your resume and get a better chance of being accepted.


Upwork is a site that allows you to choose a job that suits your talent. Explore remote jobs by entering skills in which you are an expert. Many professions are listed on the site in alphabetical order.

Being in India, you will effortlessly begin cooperation with the most satisfactory companies. Upwork will help you with this by providing advice and answering questions.


This site is great for Indian developers. It is focused on finding remote work for software engineers. Conveniently browse jobs that match your talents and knowledge. You can involved without having to communicate with a recruiter.


Employment searching is a responsible business. It is rare to find a dream job the first time for this, you need a lot of luck. However, when you are looking at dozens of vacancies, remember why you do this. It is through work that you can become financially independent.

There are many chances and online resources for Indian employment searching experts. 

Unfortunately, none of them guarantee that you will immediately find what you are looking for. To increase your chances, use several services at once. If possible, post information about you. The employer needs to know details about your expertise. Work is an occasion to develop and not stand still! It’s time to look for a new job that will allow you to improve your life and gain new pieces of knowledge.

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