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Fans Drag Lady Handler Behind Yemi Cregx’s Social Media Because of Khosi » Ngnews247

Social media users have dragged the female administrator behind the social media pages of BBTitans roommate Yemi Cregx because she hates Khosi.

A few hours earlier, evicted roommate Yemi Cregx shared a photo of his manager admiring her and praising her for helping with his page while at Big Brother House.

He wrote on the page, “Dear Cregxforce,

Being Yemi Cregx’s dog trainer at the Big Brother House has been an amazing experience.

Thank you for giving me the privilege to serve. The enthusiasm you all have for Yemi Cregx is unmatched and I am sure we will continue to burn as he shows more of him outside the house.

And our own king, Yemi Cregx. Looking ahead, you have done your best, and your best has brought out the best in you. You may have completed the initial phase, but another journey has just begun. I wish you success and good luck every step of the way on the ladder to greatness.

Thanks to my family @cregxforce and @mridealnigeria
I officially log out of this account.

Yemi Cregx Handler

But social media users don’t appear to be happy with the trainer, as many claim the trainer hates Khosi and therefore makes enemies for Yemi Cregx.

Read some of the reviews below.

@Qhah_tee wrote: “It’s everyone’s way of saying she’s done a good job for me. Sometimes, handlers have to be supportive and choose who their people choose in the house. If she can admit at some point Yemi’s fondness for Khosi, would make more sense. Instead, she quietly ships Blue. Dude and K had a lot of fun times, but alas, you haven’t posted even one. Anyway…YEMI all the best ! You are loved ❤️”.

@chamyomi also commented: “Honestly she didn’t do anything good, I love Yemi because Khosi n even last week I campaigned for Yemi, not even my baby Khosi but dis handler spoiled d guys game.. ….”,


@babygirlforlife “No wonder you hate Khosi so much…why do we women hate ourselves so much?”.

@maryrichgal also commented; “So you’re the first one to make him lose the game and never try to run someone’s social page in the future because you’re doing him more harm than good.”

@kiddiesaffari: “You just ruined the Yemi game… I voted for yemi last time because of Khosi when I saw him in bottom 3… I said my Khosi would be saved… imagine supporting Yemi with Khosi, Yemi would Be one of the top 5 but you hate Khosi and ship him with Blue…you just let Yemi go home”.

@maureen_carthy: Worst handler ever 😢😢😢He did nothing”.

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