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Fearless Nigerian Lady Defends Her Boyfriend Against Armed Police Officers » Ngnews247

A Nigerian woman has come forward to defend her boyfriend when a group of police officers stopped his car and harassed him.

The police allegedly tried to blackmail him, but he refused to hand over the money, leading them to hurl insults at him.

The boy’s girlfriend took out her mobile phone and started recording. When she saw the policemen threatening him with rifles, she attacked them.

In a video posted online, a security officer insisted on getting into his car after he refused to pay him, under the guise of asking for his car ID.

They saw their girlfriend filming and warned her to stop, but she insisted on filming them in case they needed to.

Watch the video below:

In response, prankhottie said; Wife material 😍 not me

Official Regal Rap; Girls are so cool 😂 I believe Sammy tho!!!!


The perfect gift; who is she going to?

Adakwell; these officers know who they can mess with. I never met them 😢. Just tell them you’re a lawyer or the military and they’ll let you go, those are the people they’re afraid of, no further questions needed. #Update# will be removed soon.

Durajaro; I don’t really know what’s going on here, but I think these cops if you talk to them politely, you won’t have any problems with them, I’ve met a few cops on the road and they always End with a smile. i haven’t met badass sha yet

sammy_richie_ika_; why don’t you show them your car files yourself. I don’t like dragging along with the cops.People who carry guns will get a second life

Call me _nonso_; where’s your car ID? It’s simple, give him the file and stop causing unnecessary drama for videos and gram posts.

Mouthpiece; keep voting leaders according to tribe, party, religion, etc. You’ll reap!

kelah_ph; the cops don’t get wahala.. just show them the car documents

ray; From the girl’s voice, it’s really wrong…at first we could hear the guy telling her to shut up, they didn’t drag anything…Really, if the police find you suspicious, they have the right to stop and search , the best thing you can do is work with them, speak well, speak well, don’t argue, don’t be aggressive, trust me, you’ll beat them like this…

Even in other countries, the police stop and search every suspicious person (fraud or drugs).I’ve met a lot of cops, talk to them like an educated person, you can easily beat them and they’ll let you go.. there are mischievous cops too, but god don’t let us mess with those

tenovertenautos; Na so 1 babe wey I carry Dey try to defend me against military man. Before I knew she wasn’t slapping… Both the defender and the defendant told us that day…

Sbaye; Nigerian police misbehave anyway, they got pikin oooo. Especially those in festac Mr @jidesanwoolu will watch this.

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