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HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is the UK tax authority U.K.. With the help of government grants, HMRC is helping those in need by offering tax rebates and other schemes. HMRC doesn’t just collect taxes, it also collects duties; its grantees cover a wide range of age groups, including seniors who are often unaware of smartphones, the internet, texting, phishing, malware, threats and more.

So how did HMRC get involved in the scam?let’s check 07477 Royal Military Commission Scam.


Regarding the 07477 Hmrc scandal:

07477 is the first four digits of the phone number where multiple users receive messages and calls. Most calls directly inform users that they are calling from HMCA. The representative informed users that the outstanding refund was in their name. Customer service requests personal and payment information over the phone to process the refund.

It should be noted that when an individual pays taxes, duties or applies for a tax refund, the details of the tax refund will be indicated on the application form.this 07477 area code Belongs to Shaftesbury. Therefore, if HM Revenue & Customs has to credit an amount, they will pay it strictly to the payment method mentioned on the application form.

So if someone calls the 07477 number asking for payment and providing personal details, it indicates a phishing attempt by the fraudster/scammer.

Calls and messages from 07477:

More than 18,887 searches were reported for information on 07477. The first search started on March 13, 2019 at 21:46.58, and the last search took place on June 27, 2023 at 7:23.52. . Numbers beginning with 07477 are identified as highly active, and multiple domain names have been monitored in real time.exist 07477 area code, the country code +44 is replaced with (00) or (0). 39 user reviews indicate that the most recent spam calls are from:

  • 0(747)741-8319,
  • 0(747)710-9562,
  • 0(747)715-0182,
  • 0(747)713-3622,
  • 0(747)785-1635,
  • 0(747)746-0158,
  • 0(747)742-3064,
  • 0(747)790-7998,
  • 0(747)746-2680,
  • 0(747)716-2171,
  • 0(747)770-7231,
  • 0(747)716-9835,
  • 0(747)718-8063,
  • 0(747)710-2309,
  • 0(747)729-4907,
  • 0(747)759-1460,
  • 0(747)757-0843,
  • 0(747)713-7016 etc.

Customer Feedback:

Users who received calls to 07477 said it was an IVR robocall and said the call was from HMRC, which is false. In addition, the IVR requests to continue to get more information about the credits pending in their name by pressing #1 on the dial pad.

some users received 07477 Royal Military Commission Scam Call for the services of an attorney who handles tax hacking cases. Meanwhile, some users have generally reported being informed by the IVR that a letter regarding the tax credit has been returned to the department. Therefore, they need more information. If no response is received, legal action will be taken.

Some users reported that the call prompted a Crown Court lawsuit. The IVR also mentioned the amount involved, which was in the hundreds of pounds, ranging from £200 to less than £800. Eventually, some users reacted after hearing that huge sums of money were involved!

Users also received 07477 Royal Military Commission Scam Call on public holidays! Several of the users who received the call were public servants and corporate employees whose tax returns, refunds and refunds of credits were all handled by the corporate tax team. Therefore, there is less margin for error. Even if mistakes are made, the corporate tax team (or) a third-party tax advisor will be held accountable. Therefore, these users blocked the number.

The real situation of 07477 SMS:

As well as making calls, thousands of users have also received text messages from 07477. SMS messages come in two formats.

  1. The first format includes the specific amount involved and a shortened URL.this 07477 Royal Military Commission Scam The message informs that HMRC cannot pay/credit the user’s account with the amount. Therefore, it requires more details. Once the user clicks on the shortened URL to enter his details, he lands on a web page that asks for his personal and payment details. Poor and innocent users were tricked into thinking they were providing information to HM Revenue & Customs and soon had hundreds of pounds in their accounts.
  2. The second format of the text message is bold and threatening to the user. This time, the text message created a sense of urgency in the user to call back.this 07477 Royal Military Commission Scam The message specifically informs that HMRC has sent users a letter regarding their taxes. However, the letter was returned. Therefore, if the user does not contact the phone number, legal action will be taken.

A good citizen panics when he hears of legal action, of HMRC’s involvement, and worries about the contents of the letter. So it creates a sense of urgency. Some users contacted the number, while many knew of the conspiracy and blocked the number.

Alert from HMRC:

It must be noted that HMRC contacts taxpayers by phone and text message. However, it is also important to understand that HMRC already holds user information.Therefore, most non-07477 Royal Military Commission Scam Phone calls and real text messages are used to verify information in the form of security questions.

Additionally, it must be noted that HMRC includes QR codes wherever possible. If you get a letter (or) email you can find the HMRC QR code which helps to find HMRC resources, get in touch with them etc.

As such, HM Revenue & Customs will never ask users to fill in details on third party web pages. Likewise, a text message from HMRC never creates a sense of urgency to call back.If any user encounters such messages or 07477 Royal Military Commission Scam By phone, they can report to 60599 (or) email

Commonly used scams:

Under the guise of HMRC tax credits, scammers use a variety of communication methods. HMRC found such false news being shared on Twitter and social media platforms, private messaging groups such as Whatsapp, customs scams involving postal parcel payments and third-party companies offering tax credit services.

Social Media Links:

in conclusion:

You may be aware of fake HMRC suspicious calls and texts by now.In addition, such fraudulent agencies attempt to contact users in other ways 07477 Royal Military Commission Scam model. Users must not disclose personal or payment credentials over the phone and the Internet.

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