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In this article you will find information on Jordan Neely murder video and the latest case updates.

Are you looking for reasons behind Jordana Neely’s death? What’s the full story of Deadman In The F-Train? Former Marine Daniel Penney allegedly killed homeless Jordan Neely. People called the incident a racist attack on black homeless people because there was no personal retaliation between the two.

On May 12, Daniel Penny was arrested in connection with the video and charged with multiple criminal charges.Across the world, people are looking for Jordan Neely murder video witness



crime scene report

The events took place on May 1, 2023, when Jordan and Daniel were on the F train. Daniel takes the train to a gym in Manhattan, where he meets Neely. Daniel sees Neely throw trash at everyone and cause chaos on the train. Therefore, he decided to prevent him from doing so.

Daniel, who did not disclose the information, said in an interview that an investigation is ongoing. You can find further reports from the police. However, people are looking for the video of him strangling Neely and his latest interview video.

jordan neely records

When people hear about Jordan Neely’s mental illness and offensive behavior, they’re looking to see if there are any allegations against him. However, Jordan has previously been arrested 42 times for alleged flagrant crimes and violations of local laws.

From 2013 to 2021, he faced multiple charges including invasion of privacy in public, roaming the city with an open bottle of wine, trespassing on personal property and entering someone’s house at will. All of the charges and reasons for his arrest were minor, and he was also mentally ill due to poverty and homelessness. However, he has a valid arrest warrant for the 2021 assault charge.

Jordan Neely MTR

Mostly, Jordan Neely was wandering around on the subway, throwing objects at the public and engaging in inappropriate activities. However, many believed he was mentally ill and stayed away from him, while others found it disgusting and called the police.

But on May 1, during his subway trip with former Marine Corps officer Penny, it was decidedly a disaster and a life-ending situation. The three men on the train pinned him to the ground, and Penny strangled Neely until he was out of breath. As such, many found it offensive and racist, making it a political issue and demanding justice for Neely. In addition, the quick release of Penny’s bail also angered people.

jordanelli fund

Carolyn Neely, a relative of Jordan Neely, organized a Gofundme page describing his death in the subway. Uncle Jordan praised him in his description as a talented dancer; however, Jordan had no support for him while he was alive.

jordanny levicky

full name Jordan Neely
family Mother: Christinely
date of birth unknown
date of death May 1, 2023
relatives Uncle: Caroline Neely

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final verdict

Jordan Neely killed on train by ex-Marine Daniel Neely, and two subordinates. The video went viral on social media and other popular platforms. People are demanding video and justice for the dead. However, Daniel has been released on bail and further investigations are ongoing.

Do you think Daniel killed Jordan because of racism? Comment below.

Jordan Neely murder video: common problem

Where will Q1 Jordan Neely’s obituary be held?

Jordan Neely’s funeral will be held at Mount Neboh Baptist Church.

Q2 How old is Jordan Neely?

Joe Danielly is a 30 year old man.

Q3 How old is Daniel Penny?

Daniel Penney is 24 years old this year.

Q4 Who supports Mr. Penny’s defense of fundraising?

Many political representatives, including Gov. Ron DeSantis, supported Penny because he was a good official and raised as much as $2.7 million.

Q5 What is Penny’s statement about the allegations of racism?

Penney said the racism he visits everywhere has nothing to do with him, and he doesn’t differentiate people by the color of their skin or their race.

Q6 What was the cause of death of Jordan Neely?

Prolonged choking in the throat results in a reduced respiratory supply.

Q6 How much money was raised jordanelli fund?

Gofundme has raised over $150,000.

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