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Did you know about the new scam happening today? Are you aware of the Kotashop scam? Are you also a victim of this scam? Do you know how scammers use this site to scam people? If you are interested in finding answers to these questions, then this article is for you and you are in the right place.

Not just you, but residents all over the country U.S. Very interested to learn more about this scam.This article is about Scam You will be given all the details and advice on how to avoid becoming a victim.


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Kotashop phone scam

The fraud started with a computerized phone call, with the scammer posing as a Lost Prevention Center representative. They let the recipient know of recent activity on their Wells Fargo Visa card, then explained that a $120.40 purchase on was declined to protect their account. Recipients are asked to contact by toll-free number (especially 1-866-357-1076) to resolve the issue.

Beware Robocall Scam Targets Scam user!

Scammers have recently started using various tactics to trick the unwary. One of the techniques uses robocalls, and one particular fraud centered around The scammers contacted potential victims, telling them that their recent purchase from required credit card verification. To avoid falling victim to these imposters, it is crucial to detect this fraudulent activity and take necessary precautions.

Recognize the warning signs of these scam tactics

When receiving a call like this, one must proceed with caution and be skeptical.While robocalls seem plausible, there are some warning signs people should heed Scam:

  1. unwanted calls

Scammers often do this instead of contacting victims. Be careful if you suddenly get a call about an order you don’t remember placing.

  1. Use urgency and fear:

Scammers use various methods to create a sense of panic and urgency, urging victims to act quickly. They assert that the payment method is temporarily disabled and requires immediate verification. Remember, a respectable financial institution would never use this tactic.

  1. Personal Information Request:

Reputable websites, banks or credit card companies will never ask you for sensitive or personal information over the phone. On the other hand, fraudsters can ask for your card number, expiration date, CVV code, or other private information. Never reveal any personal information.

Transcript Scam call

Important information from the Lost and Lost Center. Validation of recent activity on the Wells Fargo Visa card is required. Your attempt to purchase $120.40 on has been declined to protect your account. Your card has been temporarily banned pending further verification. Please call us toll-free at 1866-357-1076. I appreciate it.

social media links:-

We cannot attach social media links as there are no active social media available for this scam.

final words

Robocalls posing as Lost and Lost Center staff, accused of illegal trade from Scam Used to deceive consumers in the scam. Be careful not to divulge private data, hang up the phone to protect yourself. To confirm any unusual activity, contact your bank immediately through a reliable contact. Raise awareness and protect yourself from this ploy.

What are your thoughts on the Kotashop scam? Please leave your comments in the comments section. Scam common problem:-

Q1. What exactly is the scam?

The scam involved calling potential victims

Q2. How scammers use website?


Q3. Which phone number was used in the scam?


Q4. What are the red flags for this scam?

Annoying phone calls, hasty and panicked use, and inquiries into private data are all warning signs.

Q5. Can I give you my personal information over the phone?


Q6. What can I do to prevent scam?

By avoiding calls from the above numbers.

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