Fit for Eurovision: Victor Vernicos is ready for a great music festival – words of Constantinos Rigos

Takes a breather for frantic prep ahead of her semifinal EurovisionDirectly from Liverpool – The Heartbeat of the Song Contest – Head of the Greek Delegation Constantine RiggsConveys the atmosphere that prevails on the streets of England.

“The atmosphere in the city is very festive. We had the first two rehearsals and Victor’s performance was fantastic At the same time, I also accepted the foreigner’s perception of Victor on stage. They’ve written that he’s the king of the stage, even though he’s only 16. Everything he’s built has helped him a lot and today’s rehearsal was great,” Riggs said.

hi him Vittorabonico As the director emphasized:

He also added, “Until Thursday, we have a lot of rehearsals in addition to the studio rehearsals. We rehearse in different locations every day, working on the details of the shots. Tuesday rehearsal, rehearsal first. Wednesday, Vernicos will be in Europe Performed at several locations in TV Village.”

Source: ERT

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