FRSC Official Slaps Motorist After Being Accused of Breaking His Windscreen (Video)

An officer from the Federal Road Safety Service (FRSC) has been filmed assaulting a man who claims he smashed a windscreen.

A motorist is punishing FRSC officers for damage to his car and filming him in the process.

The incident happened in Osun state, but it is not yet certain whether the agent actually destroyed the windshield of the car.

In order not to let his face appear in the clip, the subdued man slapped the man directly, almost destroying his recording equipment.

This led to an escalation of the situation as the driver started sounding the alarm and yelling.

The victim must make sure to take down the officer’s name tag and promise to take the matter up with the relevant authorities until he is disciplined.

The incident gained popularity because it was part of an assault involving Afrobeats singer Seun Kuti, who slapped a police officer.

Watch the video below:

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