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In this article, we’ll discuss the Twverify scam, how it happened, safety tips, and whether anything was done to stop it.

Have you ever fallen for any scams? Are you responsible for all online payments and keep track of every online payment? If not, then you should always keep an eye on every one of your online financial activities. In this digital age, being scammed by someone or any organization is nothing new.Every other day, people around the world are scammed in various ways worldwide. Therefore, you must take all security measures before conducting any online transaction activities.

There are many scams going on all over the world which are popular on the internet and are called Twverify Scam. So let’s discuss this scam in detail and how to protect yourself from it.


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What is Twverify scam?

Recently, a new scam has become popular across the globe in which fraudsters hack authorized profiles. The scam was revealed by Facebook parent company Meta. In the scam, scammers steal verified accounts of users with a blue tick in their username. He then steals all personal information of the user and then steals account details or money.

inside TWverify Scam, It is possible for a fake user to share a link to the series or a link on their verified account and ask people to click or share. Once you click on that link, they steal all your important information including account details, verification codes, and secure passwords.

Why is this scam becoming more and more popular?

Facebook’s parent company, Meta, used to offer blue ticks to all real users, just like Twitter and Instagram. According to people’s physiology, a blue tick on a username is a symbol of a profile’s legitimacy, so scams make it easier for people to fall for it.

While the blue tick indicates the authenticity of the configuration file, Meta still uses the old verification method; therefore, TWverify Scam is becoming popular around the world. However, if Meta changes its verification policy, it will be easier to stop this scam. Still, under the same verification policy, it is currently difficult to prevent fraud.

In addition to this, scammers also use Blue Tick to create fake accounts, making it difficult for users to distinguish fake accounts from original ones. The scammers even created thousands of followers through Blue Tick. Hence, people are easily duped by these fake profiles or scams.

who is this scammer targeting TWverify Scam?

Celebrity profiles are reportedly a prime target for scammers. In many cases, we have seen scammers change usernames but have millions of followers and use the blue tick as a sign of a real profile. However, this profile also has the same Google ads and ads on the page.

In 2012, a page called “Miss Pooja’s Fans” was launched, and in 2013 it was renamed Miss Pooja twice. This username has also changed with Google AI, and even the page URL has been changed to “”.

Another page called Babbu Maan repeats the same thing, he is also a TWverify Scam case. The page has 3 million followers. The page even runs fake Google accounts. Therefore, it is difficult for users to identify whether the page is fake or real.

What does Meta say about this scam?

According to sources, a Meta spokesperson has devoted resources and time to preventing such scams. They point out that scammers are always trying to crack every new program and feature, even though they are serious about tackling the scam.

They assured us that their team is working hard to eliminate this scam with advanced security features.

More details about TWverify Scam

Due to the growing popularity of this scam, some have suggested that scammers first steal a celebrity’s verified account by cracking the celebrity’s account password. Once they successfully hack the account, they change the profile picture and other necessary information so that users can easily trust their profile.

It has also been claimed that Twitter’s payment verification is incorrect. They say that when users have the opportunity to purchase verified profiles, the risk of hacking also increases; hence, the experts object. However, you can click on the social media links below for more details.

Social Media Links –


in conclusion

Twverify scam is a newly developed scam in which scammers create fake or stolen verified profiles with a blue checkmark. These profiles have millions of followers and they used to steal personal information of all users and we It is recommended that you ensure your own safety.

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TWverify Scam– Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Did hackers also hack into some famous personality accounts?

answer. Yes, many celebrity accounts have been hacked.

Q2. Are paid verification methods for social media safe?

answer. Experts say paid verification methods are not secure.

Q3. Is the LinkedIn verification method safe?

answer. It’s hard to say, but we’ll let you know as soon as we confirm a new update.

Q4. Is Facebook planning to shut down the paid verification method?

answer. Currently, there is no information about turning off paid verification methods.

Q5. Did hackers get into Barack Obama’s account?

answer. Yes, Barack Obama’s account was also hacked by these hackers.

Q6. Is the payment verification method successful?

answer. The payment verification method is not 100% successful.

Q7. Is the government doing anything to control this scam?

answer. No, there is no information about the government’s security measures to stop this scam.

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