“Golden Kamuy: The Final Chapter” Anime Is In Production

Following the season four finale on June 19, a sequel project titled “The Final Chapter” was announced. No release date has been revealed yet, but we’ll update when we know more.


Hokkaido after the Russo-Japanese War in the early 1900s, Saichi Sugimoto Diligently pan for gold. Nicknamed “Sugimoto Immortal” for his deeds in combat, the veteran sought wealth to fulfill a promise he made to his best friend before his death: to feed his family, especially in need of medical treatment widow. Studying abroad due to deteriorating eyesight. One day, a drunken companion told Sugimoto the story of a man who murdered a group of Ainu and stole a large sum of gold. Before being arrested by the police, he hid the gold somewhere in Hokkaido. The only clue to its location is a coded map he tattoos on his cellmates in exchange for a share of the treasure if they manage to escape and find it.

Sugimoto didn’t think much about the story until he found the drunk man’s body with the same tattoos as described in the story. But before he could recover, a grizzly bear—the cause of the man’s death—approached Sugimoto, intent on finishing her meal.He was rescued by a young girl named Ainu Asirpa, whose father happened to be one of the murdered Ainu. Drawing on Asper’s hunting skills and Sugimoto’s survival instincts, the two agree to join forces in search of hidden treasure – one to reclaim what is rightfully her people, the other to fulfill a friend’s last wish.

by: MAL

The key visual for the upcoming anime starring Tsurumi

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