Hair Vendor saved by Adekunle Gold breaks down in tears

Award-winning music superstar Adekunle Gold left plenty of praise for his sweet talk to a hair peddler.

Ngnews247 reported that a hair supplier woke up to the sad news that her store had been burglarized and her wares had been stolen.

Fortunately for her, Adekunle Gold saw the video of her crying in front of the stolen store, and the singer had already sent her the money.

The hair supplier broke down in tears as he expressed his gratitude to the singer, expressing his gratitude on social media.

There are a lot of followers but my pockets are empty – Adekunle Gold opens up on bankruptcy

Over the past two years, Adekunle Gold has spoken about some of the difficulties he has faced as a star.

In a newsletter sent out to fans obtained by Ngnews247, the “Sinner” singer noted that sometimes his fans are many but his pockets are empty.

He wrote: “As I have grown and evolved, my friends will tell you that every penny I made on this thing went back to it. Dream even lent me his hard-earned money.

There were days when there were plenty of fans but empty pockets, and that wasn’t all that long ago.

Man I push myself and my creativity really hard and yes Kehinde I know you get my drift but most people don’t and I actually can’t count how many rejections I’ve gotten. It is not a pleasant feeling to be constantly ignored, disrespected, disrespected and vilified. “

Taking it a step further, the father appealed to his fans not to let anyone fool them in the struggle.

“Don’t let anyone fool you in your struggle or difficult experience, ma fi ago alago sise, don’t let social crap rush your process. Struggle, cry, feel the depth of your pain. Feel it! Only then will you recognize something Time is a good time.

I still have more heights to conquer and I’m just getting started! But as always, I’m blessed to be climbing with you. I hope that if I do fall off a ladder, instead of pulling me down again, you will pick me up and I will do the same for you. “

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