He Hasn’t Put Ring On Your Finger – Nigerian Lady Defends Herself After Getting Pregnant For Her Friend’s Man

A Nigerian woman named Toyin has shared on social media the worst betrayal she’s ever suffered from a close friend.

She says she hosts her friends at her place, but she pays back by sleeping with her man and impregnating him.

Toyin, known on Twitter as @Ebonygold1645, confronted the woman, but she defended herself saying the guy hadn’t proposed to her (Toyin).

She also alleges that the same friend took her picture and clothes to meet a local doctor for nefarious reasons.

However, she learned of the evil plan through her so-called friend’s sister.

Toyin said “Fxxx fucked my dick, got pregnant for him, after all he hasn’t put a ring on my finger, she lives under my roof, no job, nothing. Show me my clothes and pictures A local doctor came to hurt me, but God used her little sister to help me.”

User @HenshawJAHAZIEL commented; where do you girls get all these bad guys cause damn we have 1001 good guys 🤷

Toyin explained; “He’s not really a bad guy, but honey, don’t underestimate the power of a woman unless she doesn’t want that. “

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