Heartbroken Woman Reportedly Drinks Herself To Stupor After Husband Left Her For Another Woman (Video)

Residents of a Nigerian community have raised concerns and called for help after spotting a woman passed out in a market.

The woman is said to be completely heartbroken after her long-time husband abandoned her for another woman.

This scene was filmed in the garage area of ​​Ikorodu, Lagos State.

According to unconfirmed reports, she went to a bar and got so drunk that she passed out in front of the bar.

People were passing by, going about their business, and the woman was just lying on the ground.

A witness who recorded the video asked anyone who knew her or her family to visit Ikorodu and help her.

The source said; “We heard she was drinking too much because her husband dumped her for another woman

If anyone knows this woman should come to Ikorodu garage area in Lagos state, please ask her to help now”.

See the clip below:

In response, aanu_bibi wrote; how do you allow a fellow human being to have this effect on you?

First Lady Sarah _; it’s not about the money. So women may be dependent, but they love so much that… imagine the person you talk to every day, the person you sleep with is another person. Maybe d man is her first love, d father of all your kids is with someone else.. so painful o.

Jolly official; this breaks my heart. I just wish she could see what an amazing person she would be if she picked herself up and moved on with her life. God please help her 😢😢😢😢😢

Fekomi; the best they can do is Omo her!humanity gone

Wendy Corey; so sad 😞 God will punish any man who sends a woman to hell

lovey_accessories; it’s not the best, love yourself, embrace yourself, never throw in the towel 👏 your success will make them run back

official_sparkle_; How do I explain to women how to empower yourself, enjoy your youth, go through things so you don’t constantly defend Tufas like Annie, or embarrass yourself for men.

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