Heavenly Delusion Episode 6 Review

While this episode doesn’t reveal as much as the previous episodes, it’s still packed with action and humor!

picture 98
Maru facing a bear

From the moment I saw that bear, I knew in the back of my soul that it wasn’t a monster. The situation is even worse. But the bear-chasing duo gave us one of the show’s funniest moments, with Maru wanting to touch some boobs just about anything. I’m not sure where the friendship or relationship between Maru and Kiruko will go, but I can never get enough of their antics. I’d like to say they seem like a cute brother and sister who fight all the time, but moments like this make me rethink that statement.

picture 100

The scene between Maru and Totori is kind of weird, but also introduces the possibility that Totori might be a human hybrid like the kids at the Institute. We’re still not sure if Maru and Kiruko’s story is in the same timeline as the Institute’s story, but if the Institute is in the past, then Totori may have come from there.

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picture 101
tokyo nightmare

The unexpected sight of feet floating in the air behind medical drapes was enough to send shivers down my spine. The contrast between Tokio’s paranormal experience in the infirmary and Maru and Kiruko’s life-threatening bear attack is intriguing, as they each encounter varying degrees of fear. Maru and Kiruko’s near-death experience brings them closer, while Tokio is horrified by her ghostly encounter. It’s fascinating to see how fear manifests itself in such different ways. The figure Tokio saw in the room was equally creepy and left me with a lot of questions.

picture 102
Kona and Tokyo

But the scene after the episode left me with the most questions and theories. It has been confirmed that Tokio is a girl and has an affair with Kana. Could everything from Tokio’s vomiting to her nightmares be a sign of her pregnancy? If so, would Totori be her daughter if the institute’s timeline was in the past? To me they look very similar.

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Overall, it was a very enjoyable episode. what do you think? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to discuss the series with you!

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