Hell’s Paradise Episode 4 Review

More characters have been brought to the front line of the story, and the mysteries of Hell Paradise Island have begun to be solved one by one.This episode focuses on several other key characters in the story, who come from different backgrounds and have different ambitions, but share the same destiny, which is to survive in the new fairyland and find Elixir of life.

hell heaven episode 4 e
Gabimaru saves Sagiri from a monster

Hell begins to explore

The fourth episode finally revealed some secrets and anomalies in the background of the Xinxianxia story. The abilities of creatures and the religious look and shape of monsters were answered, but still created more room for deeper exposition and fan theories in the room.

hell heaven episode 4 a
monster influenced by buddhism

mystery is a force in it this series, it handles and renders really well so far. The mysteries develop with character introductions and conflict building, and then everything is combined with tons of cool action sequences.

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meet key people

This episode gave viewers a closer look and understanding of some key characters who would go on to last longer and have a huge impact on the story.The episode quickly begins with a Tamiya Steel Studio can slice through huge doors, and live only for battle, followed by a deep Good at dissecting the dead.

hell heaven episode 4 f
Yamada Toemon and Tamiya Kantetsusai

The next character to pop up in abundance is a character named kunoichi pomelo leafFrom the moment she emerges, it’s easy to see that she may be pretty and effeminate on the outside, but deep down she’s a talented and dangerous ninja willing to use many dirty tricks to entrap and kill her targets.She was watched coldly by two Asimons at the same time, the first being a gullible gentleman named Genji The other is a nerdy samurai named Senta.

hell heaven episode 4 b
Yamada Asemon Senta, Yuzuriha and Yamada Asemon Genji

The last character that everyone should pay more attention to must be Brother Aza Changbei robber king and Thomas Fake Arthur Gate. They’re the only characters that connect to each other as criminal and enforcer, and somehow, they’re also the only pair who seem to be unstoppable against monsters. Their backstories are interesting, their brotherhood is special, and Chobei’s savage and adaptable character is amazing.

hell heaven episode 4 g
Aza Chobei & Yamada Asaemon Toma

The Unstoppable Gabby Maru

The most shocking thing about this episode is Gabi MaruHe has always been portrayed as a powerful and invincible ninja who can adapt to any type of challenge and defeat them, which includes fighting monstrous creatures that seem so terrifying and invincible.

hell heaven episode 4 c
Gabimaru prepares his Ninpo: Astetic Blaze

The moment he set himself on fire with his own hands ninja, his characterization is on a higher level than ever before.Explain that although the situation is severe and unfavorable, he believes in his intuition and strength, and the only thought in his heart is to be a legend ninja It’s basically just submitting to him in front of him, or now it probably adds “save the people he cares about”.

final verdict

Again, another bombing MAPPA for anime adaptation Hell of heaven. Every aspect of this episode is beautifully handled, from the very beginning to the last second. Vibrant background animations, fluid action sequences and effects, and a beautiful background music that overcomes situations and tensions combine well into a wonderful work of art.

hell heaven episode 4 j
Chobei standing on the corpse of a monster

The pacing is fluid and moves according to the best flow of the story. As we and the characters learn more about the island, the stakes in the series become higher and more dangerous, meaning we have more reason to look forward to the future of the series.

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