Hell’s Paradise Episode 6 Review

Hell Paradise Episode 5
Gabimaru self-immolates to activate the flame spell

This episode sees Sagiri’s faith as a samurai who must join Gabimaru to face the rampaging Rokurota. While the battle may have been unwinnable at first, the two managed to find a way to execute the giant and moved to another part of the island, surprisingly an abandoned village. On the other hand, Chobe and Toma see another surprising sight, two girls making out on a boulder in front of them.

Gabimaru & Sagiri VS Rokurota

Hell Paradise Episode 5k
Gabimaru & Sagiri stand together against Rokurota

Continuing from the previous episode, Rokurota’s atrocities caused Genji to be fatally injured. Gabimaru came to help Sagiri deal with it bizen giantThe duo then defended themselves for the third quarter of the episode’s duration, observing the vacancy and killing the giant before it was killed by the giant.

This is the first time we’ve seen a combination of samurai and ninja, and it’s awesome!The combined moves and cover of the two of them looked really interesting, and always made us wonder if their attacks would ever be able to knock Rokurota down for good, considering the giant is indestructible and overly tough, even Gabi Maru Faced with great crisis and injury when fighting him.

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hell heaven episode 5 j
Gabimaru and Sagiri successfully execute Rokurota

Sagiri’s Condemnation

Another important part of the episode is the climax of Sagiri’s growth as a character seeking revenge for her dead comrades.At the moment of taking the oath of samurai, waving GenjiThe swords are on the verge, and even the conflict with Rokurota is undoubtedly the best time for her character arc.

Hell and Paradise Episode 5
Sagiri repelled Rokurota’s attack and saved Gabimaru

This episode proves Gabimaru right Sagiri A powerful female sword bearer and enforcer, regardless of gender or inexperience, Sagiri is not only a talented samurai, but also a beast with complete calm in battle!

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more questions, more mysteries

The last quarter of the episode brings us back to the mystical elements of the story, and this time, with the appearance of an abandoned village on the island, and the myth of the hermit’s existence, the question marks are definitely multiplied and magnified.know the truth Elixir of life.

hell heaven episode 5 c
Two mysterious girls making out

Meanwhile, we’re getting more and more confused Changbei and Thomas The man who seems to be handling the island’s creepy situation well is suddenly confronted by two strange naked girls who seem disturbed by the presence of the Aza brothers by the end of the episode.

final verdict

Hell and Paradise Episode 5
Monsters are approaching the burnt forest area

Let’s address the issues in this episode, as expected, the character drawing quality was inconsistent in many scenes, especially during the action sequences. It’s frustrating that the animation quality doesn’t keep up at the same good quality level week in and week out.


consider hell heaven is one of the biggest collections of the season, even sponsored by MAPPAwhich was a huge disappointment to fans who were hoping to see solid animation quality.

hell heaven episode 5 d
Yuzuriha, Gabimaru, Senta and Sagiri see the abandoned village

But aside from the animation issues that seem to be present in every episode so far, the story itself doesn’t get better from week to week as more tension, action, and questions keep being presented to viewers.Especially in this episode where we get to see arguably the worst combo of fight scenes ever this series Full of rinpo and kendo Skill.

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