Hell’s Paradise Episode 8 Review

hell heaven episode 8 c
Shion questions Tenza’s rationale for protecting Nurugai

This episode brings us back to the duo of Tenza and Nurugai as they confront a powerful figure on the island. Although they were rescued and helped by Ziyuan, the enemy’s powerful regeneration ability and wind bombs did not make the situation better, especially Ziyuan, who was seriously injured in the throat, and Tianzuo, who died in battle.

teacher’s burden

hell heaven episode 8 f
Shion trained young Nurugai in the past

This episode brings some new stories never before mentioned in the comics that really make sense, not just for the moment, but for the characters involved as well.Once again we see a blind man named Asaemon Asters Appearing only briefly before, this time it’s the figure of the teacher who picks up Tenza from the streets and turns him into a noble samurai.

In the manga, we never get a backstory or motivation for Shion’s kindness constellation He used to be a dirty homeless rude teenager.But again, as in The Legend of Vinland Season 2, MAPPA Dare to bring new branches to the story. It enriches the quality and layers of the character, in this case Shion.

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Hell and Paradise Episode 8
Shion flees with Nurugai, Tenza sacrifices himself

The moment he had to give up his beloved student was as painful now as the moment he executed his former student. We can witness this, we can feel the pain that Shion has to keep in his chest, and it will make for a great moment and trigger for his future roles.

potential samurai

Tenza’s backstory also adds a bit.anime lets us know he’s being brought in Yamada’s And received samurai training for the first time.

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Hell and Heaven Episode 8 G
Tenza tries to fight and control enemies

Although we may know that he is Nurugai As well as his relationship with Shion in the manga, the impact of his sacrifice and death is doubled in the manga anime adaptation It’s a shame it ended so soon as we get to see more of his history and potential.

Mysterious Superman

There are still many unanswered questions about the truth and existence of Xinxianju, and if those questions are not confusing enough, we will once again be slapped in the face by the appearance of another strong transgender on the island. He/she seems to be related to the Celestial who appeared in the previous episode and easily defeated the Yaza brothers.

hell heaven episode 8 d
Another powerful gender switcher

However, this person’s ability seems to be different from the previous characters, because he has wind or shock bullets that can easily penetrate the person. With the addition of an immortal eccentric to the story, it’s clear that many of us would like to know more about the island’s inhabitants and rulers.


final verdict

While the animation quality suffers from the same issues as previous episodes in some frames, the overall story and experience of this episode is second to none from previous episodes. MAPPA’s handling of the backstories, motivations, and relationships of the three characters that this episode focuses on is brilliant, ultimately bringing more impact and feeling to the viewer.

Hell and Paradise Episode 8
Antenna Mold

Episode 8 was arguably the most tragic and saddest part of the season so far, and everything that happened in this episode led to many more moments and episodes to come. this seriesespecially for Nurugai, who must now survive on the island with her savior teacher.

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