Here’s How Gen Z is Doing Homework! And It’s Hilarious!

Everybody knows the age-old rivalry between students and homework, and things are not different for Generation Z. However, the generation born and evolved around digital devices is tackling assignments in a unique but utterly hilarious way. From TikTok-inspired study sessions to procrastination fueled by memes and reels, the homework habits of this generation are somehow interesting. Let’s figure out how seriously Gen Z students are taking their studies and explore ways to enhance their commitment. 


Whether it is an assignment, an assessment, or the final exam, Gen Z has a habit of procrastinating tasks and studying at the eleventh hour. Procrastination is a common challenge that we all experience at some point. It could be the fear of failure that might be keeping students from something, or they might be overwhelmed by the task at hand. There might be millions of reasons for procrastination, but at the end of the day, it leads to increased stress, diminished productivity, and unsatisfactory results. 

The temptation of immediate pleasure often outweighs the importance of long-term goals, causing students to postpone their studies and assignments until they feel pressured by impending deadlines. Overcoming this habit requires effective time management, effective study routines, and strategies to boost motivation.   

Distracted Minds

Your pocket-sized devices, equipped with a world of information and endless entertainment choices, are irresistibly tempting. Notifications, social media updates, and a stream of messages constantly vie for students’ attention, making it challenging to maintain focus on academic tasks. 

The Facebook reels and TikTok videos can potentially turn your quick study break into hours of mindless scrolling. As a result, students’ productivity suffers, and their distracted minds struggle to retain information effectively. 

Averting such distractions is essential for students to improve their performance and enhance their learning experience. They can manage smartphone distractions by setting designated phone-free study schedules or utilizing productivity-boosting tools to stay on track.       


Post-millennials have cracked the code on multitasking, and they are doing it like a pro. While working on a math problem, they are drafting a text to their buddy, streaming to Instagram, and perhaps struggling to conquer a new level in an online game. 

However, multitasking mania is not an effective approach to learning. Keeping the mind on its toes can have detrimental effects on your academic performance and overall well-being. Research suggests that dividing attention across various tasks reduces the quality of work and the ability to retain information. 

Furthermore, juggling multiple tasks simultaneously leads to increased stress levels, decreased focus, and a reduced capacity for critical thinking. Encouraging students to adopt a more mindful and single-tasking approach can ultimately lead to improved concentration and better outcomes.  

What Could Be the Best Practice to Do Homework?

First and foremost, start early to avoid the last-minute rush. Manage your time effectively by setting deadlines and prioritizing tasks, so you can reduce your stress and enhance your overall academic performance. Simultaneously, utilize reliable educational platforms for learning and for effectively completing your assignments. 

Whether you want to overcome procrastination or increase your motivation and concentration to retain information, you may get help from these platforms to better deal with study-related challenges. The resources accessible through these sites help you solve challenging problems, build concepts, and develop problem-solving, and critical thinking for academic excellence. 

Additionally, you can access textbook solutions that can be invaluable aids in ensuring the timely completion of your homework. Get comprehensive and expert answers offering students a clear roadmap to understanding complex concepts. However, it is essential to utilize these solutions to foster learning and understanding of the subject matter alongside the timely completion of homework.   

The Bottom Line

From procrastination to distracted study habits, Gen Z is managing their studies hilariously. They seem to be skipping the long-term goals in favor of immediate satisfaction. There are a few practicable ways that can help students enhance their commitment and academic performance such as balancing mobile phone use between entertainment and learning, effectively managing time, utilizing online learning resources, and adopting healthy homework habits to ensure academic and career success. 

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