Hiromu Arakawa’s Autobiography Anime Unveils 2nd PV

New anime coming soon for summer depicts life story Full Metal Alchemist cartoonist Hiroshi Arakawa has just released a new trailer to promote the July 7 premiere.

The second PV “Aristocrats of Beasts“(peasant nobles) can be found in Tokyo MX Official YouTube channel. 15 seconds PV preview Mutsumi Tamura Hiroshi Arakawa acts as a voice actor in the play, and the segment of the ending song “Cyan Innocence” is also sung by Hiroshi Arakawa. ferroelectric memory.

This animation is adapted from the author’s manga Hiroshi Arakawa With the same title, she herself paints a picture of her youth before she began her journey and career cartoonist. She spent her childhood in her native Hokkaido, where she not only grew up as a farmer, but also learned about the difficulties and challenges of the agricultural world.

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