“How a popular TV host stole my business idea” BBNaija’s star, Teddy A vents out

Big Brother Naia’s season 3 roommate, Tope Adebuniyan, better known as Teddy A, throws a tantrum about how a popular TV host stole his business idea.

While keeping the TV host’s identity a secret, Teddy A told how he was approached with the idea of ​​a football podcast on IG and YouTube.

Teddy A asked him to join a big brand he represented and he said yes to the idea.

However, the TV host explained to him why the idea couldn’t be realized, and Teddy A concluded that the brand didn’t support the idea.

Surprisingly, a few weeks ago, he saw the TV host hosting a football podcast on YouTube that was proudly sponsored by the aforementioned brand.

Feeling betrayed, Teddy A took to his Instagram page to vent and question whether this is how the industry works.

“Late last year, I contacted a popular TV presenter about starting a football podcast with me on IG and YouTube. I asked him if he could bring the big brand he represented (beer brand) on board and he Say yes, but it’s a good idea.

All of a sudden dad started making excuses for me, all I knew was maybe the idea didn’t match the supposed brand, or they had other ideas.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago and I saw this guy host a football podcast on YouTube sponsored by the same beer brand lol”.

“Na so the game is Abi?”.

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