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How A Random Admirer Gifted Me iPhone When I Had No Phone – Nigerian Lady Narrates » Ngnews247

A Nigerian woman named Jojo shared a suspicious story about how she received an iPhone from an admirer.

She said the man asked for her phone number, but she told him she didn’t have one.

According to Jojo, in a post on Twitter, he got into his car and handed her an iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The young woman said she was shocked by the man’s act of kindness, however, many social media users did not believe her story.

She wrote; “This guy asked for my number and I joked that I don’t have a phone, he’s literally pulling me out now in his Mercedes for an Iphone 14 pro max 😂😂 I’m so shocked

@AfamDeluxo; lol. Awon intends to rename men geng. 💀

@TheMahleek; let them imagine the murder because I don’t like you 🙏🏾

@Irunnia_; imagine sitting you down this morning and saying “you, I’m going to kill you!”

@daddyoyoyoo; Similar thing happened to my bf, a babe asked if she could come over to his house, he joked that he still lived with his parents, and before I knew it, the babe took out a 6 bed mansion in Lecky the key to it handed it to him, i like it


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