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How Did Awolo Eky D Die? Nigerian Drummer Ekene Cause of Death Explained » Ngnews247

Nigerian drummer Awolo Eky D aka Ekene has passed away.

How did Awolo Eky D aka Ekene die?

The Nigerian music scene is deeply saddened by the news of Avolo’s death. Sinach’s drummer Awolo Eky D aka Ekene passed away suddenly.

News of his death spread across the Internet in the early hours of March 11, 2023. His cause of death has not been released.

Drum Guruz posted the sad news saying,

“It’s such a shock to know now that one of our great Nigerian drummers is no longer in this world, Uncle Awolo Eky D. All the moments with you will never be forgotten, you left us with us forever Something great and amazing that won’t stay Forget to rest in peace sir. We love you but God loves you the most.”

Ekene played “I know who I am” for Sinach. He influenced many artists in Africa and beyond, mainly drummers!

Awolo Eky D aka Ekene Cause of Death

Awolo Eky D’s cause of death has not been released. His sudden passing has saddened and shocked everyone who knew him.

Awolo Eky D aka Ekene is originally from Asaba, Nigeria. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria. He studied music at Niger University. Nsuka.

Ekene is Sinach’s drummer. He influenced many artists in Africa and beyond, mainly drummers!

Ekene got married in less than three months, and his father had just died. Condolences flooded social media following news of Awolo Eky aka Ekene’s passing.

About Sinaqi:

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Sinach is very eager to see the Church and the rest of the world moved by her songs, compositions and performances.

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